Companies join to develop a supersonic aircraft using 3D printing

The agreement will help Boom accelerate production of advanced tooling and aircraft parts based on 3D printing technology.

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3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company Stratasys (Eden Prairie, MN) and Boom Supersonic (Denver, CO), a startup dedicated to removing the barriers to experiencing the planet, have formed a technical partnership to bring the commercial airline industry one step closer towards routine supersonic travel. Aimed at shaping the future of high-speed aviation, the three-year agreement will help Boom accelerate production of advanced tooling and production-grade aircraft parts based on Stratasys FDM 3D printing technology.

Boom plans the first flight of XB-1, their supersonic demonstrator, to take place in 2018. The company is deploying Stratasys FDM-based Fortus 450mc and F370 3D Printers—both designed to produce on-demand parts leveraging production-grade thermoplastics, as well as advanced manufacturing tools that perform even under aviation's most challenging environments.

The agreement will allow Boom to leverage Stratasys 3D printing solutions, materials, and expert services. The 3D printing solutions will advance speed, cost savings, and performance across critical engineering and manufacturing processes at its headquarters in Denver.

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