TRUMPF opens smart factory in Chicago

The new center for Industry 4.0 solutions is designed for digitally connected production processes throughout.

Sep 14th, 2017
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Laser machine tool maker TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany) has opened a new technology center in Chicago, IL for Industry 4.0 solutions that is designed for digitally connected production processes throughout.

Chicago was consciously chosen as the location for the Smart Factory of TRUMPF; the directly adjacent states contain around 40% of the country's entire sheet metalworking industry. (Photo: TRUMPF)

The company invested approximately $30 million in the 50,000-sq-ft. smart factory, which will focus on consulting and training its customers as they introduce digitally connected production solutions for the sheet metal process chain. Chicago is at the center of the North American market for sheet metal processing, as approximately 40% of the sheet metal processing industry is based in directly neighboring states.

The new facility's control room and large screens provide visitors with real-time process performance data for the current production process. Its 180-ft-long production hall houses a connected sheet metal manufacturing line, including a high storage bay that supplies materials to the machine tools connected to it.

The Control Room center features large display areas, making various process parameters available to visitors in real time. (Photo: TRUMPF)

TRUMPF increased its sales in the North American market by 14% in the past fiscal year to $465 million, making the U.S. the company’s second-largest market after Germany. The company plans to continue expanding in this market over the long term. Opening the smart factory in Chicago was a key milestone in this endeavor.

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