GE Additive to certify new production partners

GE Additive is actively selecting companies to become certified additive manufacturing production centers for its customers.

GE Additive (West Chester, OH) is actively selecting companies to become certified additive production centers for its customers, with the goal of accelerating additive manufacturing by providing machines, materials, and engineering consultancy services to these companies.

During the Paris Air Show in June 2017, GE Additive signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oerlikon (Switzerland), which included an agreement for Oerlikon to become a GE Additive preferred (non-exclusive) component manufacturer.

GE is now working to certify several companies by the end of 2017, creating a network of additive production capabilities across many industries and regions.

Each certified production partner will operate additive machines from Concept Laser and Arcam, use additive material from AP&C, and benefit from orthopedic best practices developed at DTI. The centers will be held to the highest quality standards, and will receive guidance and advice from GE's additive design and manufacturing experts, enabling them to deliver additive parts and service.

For many years, GE has been a end user and innovator in the additive manufacturing space, investing approximately $1.5 billion in advanced manufacturing and additive technologies over the past 10 years. In 2016, the company established GE Additive to supply additive technology, materials, and services for industries and businesses worldwide, investing $1.4 billion in Concept Laser and Arcam.

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