EOS Academia program promotes 3D printing at universities and research institutions

EOS is expanding its Academia program to promote powder-based 3D printing at universities and research institutions.

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EOS (Krailling, Germany), which supplies industrial 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) solutions for metals and polymers, is expanding its Academia program to promote powder-based 3D printing at universities and research institutions.

After registering, participating institutions can benefit from exclusive access to regular updates from the additive manufacturing world, such as sample applications, white papers, and various activities designed for the academic field. They will also get access to three new packages. The combination of specialized training with the practical use of their own 3D printing systems will enable both researchers and lecturers to experience the host of possibilities this technology offers. As such, they can actively teach their knowledge to others. At the same time, universities can increase their appeal as centers of education by utilizing the expertise they have gained to offer a corresponding range of courses on key 3D printing technology topics.

For more than 20 years, the company has supported researchers and academics with its Academia program and enabled them to purchase its systems at favorable conditions. Over 300 of the company's systems are already in use at various universities and research institutions worldwide. These include the Technical University of Munich (Germany), the University of Wolverhampton (England), the California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo, CA), and Incheon PolyTech (Seoul, South Korea).

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2017 08 Eos Academia Program Content Website
Each course leader is an expert in his field with at least two years of work experience in the additive manufacturing industry. (Courtesy: EOS)

Depending on requirements, the current EOS Academia program offers suitable ways of quickly entering the world of additive manufacturing. Organizations can enroll for the program, provided they are a recognized educational institution, they use the company's systems at least 50% for their educational courses, and do not exploit the technology for commercial production purposes. The company will draw 10 winners of a Sintratec Kit from all registrations received by October 20, 2017. Apart from receiving valuable information free of charge, registered participants in the program have the exclusive choice of three modules:

The Freshman module is designed for institutions looking to learn the basics of 3D printing and integrate them in their own courses. The Sintratec Kit, a kit comprising basic equipment for a powder-based 3D printing system, gives trainers the opportunity to apply and teach the fundamental principles of AM in terms of technology and application.

The Graduate module enables institutions to immediately begin working with and teaching 3D printing technology on a practical basis. They receive a Sintratec S1 laser sintering system at attractive conditions as well as a training course that culminates in an EOS Academia Certificate. Users can therefore enter the world of 3D printing in a shorter time and gain initial practical experience in designing and producing additively manufactured components.

Scientist is the module for institutions wanting to exploit the full range of possibilities in industrial 3D printing for research and educational purposes. It consists of selected EOS systems (both metal and polymer) and a multi-day training course at EOS. Within the scope of this program and based on an industrial 3D printing system, universities can make intensive use of the technology for research purposes.

For more information, please visit www.eos.info/academia.

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