Additive manufacturing training center opens at University of Louisville

The University of Louisville and UL have established and opened an additive manufacturing training center.

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The University of Louisville (Kentucky) and global safety science organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL; Northbrook, IL) have established and opened a 3D printing training center named the UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center (UL AMCC). Developed for established additive manufacturing technical and business professionals, the end-to-end training center, located on the University of Louisville campus, will be a hub for advancing additive manufacturing knowledge and workforce expertise.

The UL AMCC offers hands-on training in additive manufacturing for metals and curriculum covering design setup, design corrections, machine setup, part production, post-processing and parts inspection, testing, and validation. The training will allow professionals to understand how to produce metal parts and emerging materials through additive manufacturing, and establish safety systems, identify hazards from materials and machines, and manufacture parts with safety built into designs.

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2016 02 Louisville Web
The UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center has opened at the University of Louisville.

The UL AMCC joins the University of Louisville’s global advanced manufacturing campus, the Institute for Product Realization (IPR), and collaborates and shares knowledge with other corporate residents, including GE and Local Motors’ FirstBuild.

As additive manufacturing technologies evolve, UL AMCC will update course curriculum and introduce new content every six to 12 months. As part of the training program, UL has developed a formal additive manufacturing professional certification for students who have demonstrated proficiency in the minimum competencies to manufacture conforming parts.

Concurrent to the opening ceremony, UL and additive manufacturing solutions specialist EOS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which the two companies will collaborate to provide joint additive manufacturing training, conformity advisory services, and facility safety management to EOS customers. The goal of the relationship is to promote the proper usage and advancement of additive manufacturing technologies to the manufacturing industry.

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