CRP USA showcases space-application solutions produced with composite materials

At a recent conference, CRP USA showcased solutions for the space industry that use composite materials.

CRP USA (Mooresville, NC) displayed cutting-edge solutions for the space industry that use its WINDFORM family of materials at the Small Satellite Conference and exhibit at Utah State University (Logan, UT; held August 6-11, 2016). The company showed how these composite materials, originally developed for the motorsports industry, are finding many uses in space exploration. For 30 years, the conference has been a place where innovators, engineers, problem-solvers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike come together to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of space exploration.

Each year, the conference's attendees share their successes and lessons learned; demonstrate their capabilities; and network and mentor for the next generation. These crucial interactions have inspired and ignited imaginations, paving the way for small satellites to perform missions that few thought possible.

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