Laser additive manufacturing solutions in the UK

Laser Additive Solutions (LAS) provides advanced laser-based additive manufacturing services across several engineering sectors.

Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England - Laser Additive Solutions (LAS) provides advanced laser-based additive manufacturing (AM) services across engineering sectors ranging from simple job-shop laser cladding tasks to comprehensive R&D programs.

Founded in April 2015, the company is based on 10 years of hands-on experience in laser metal deposition (LMD) project work for both real-world production applications and high-end R&D projects. Peter Brown, the owner, has invested heavily in the latest LMD technology to provide a highly capable AM solution.

LMD involves the use of a highly accurate and perfectly controlled laser beam, manipulated by a CNC-driven gantry or robotic system, to deposit fully fused metal onto a pre-existing substrate. The process can be used for life extension purposes where typically an "overlay" approach is utilized, to prevent corrosion or wear for instance, or as is becoming more frequent in a manufacturing world conscious of raw material usage and costs, to build material efficient 3D near-net shapes.

When the process is correctly controlled a wide range of titanium, nickel, cobalt, tungsten carbide, and steel alloys can be deposited, including Ti64, IN718, and Stellite-6. A key advantage of using a laser is that the process inputs the minimal heat required to achieve successful fusion of the powdered material.

LAS Equipment includes a TRUMPF 2kW TruDisk Laser, REIS RL80 Gantry, an Oerlikon Metco Twin-10-C Powder Feeder, and other ancillary cladding equipment. Supporting equipment includes a metallographic laboratory.

LMD offers job-shop production using their own high-tech LMD and supporting equipment, short or long-term production runs, and the flexibility to meet customer targets.

The company has significant R&D project management experience and comprehensive AM supply chain knowledge/contact. They can act as an independent consultant in all AM related projects: equipment acquisition, identifying supply chains, and reviews of customer own in-house AM processes.

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