Prodways to intro new industrial 3D printer range at FormNext

A new range of industrial 3D printers that merge successive layers of plastics and metals will launch at FormNext.

Prodways (Les Mureaux, France), a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé (Paris, France), will launch a new range of industrial 3D printers that use a high-power laser to merge successive layers of plastics and metals. The company will present the new range at the FormNext trade show set to take place November 17-20, 2015, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new range includes the ProMaker P2000 series printers, which enable printing with high-performance materials at temperatures up to 220°C, thereby opening up the possibility of new industrial applications. Also part of the range are the ProMaker P4000 series printers that offer exclusive industrial production capacity with wide platforms and high productivity to print high-precision parts.

Concurrent with the launch of the 3D printer range, the company will unveil a range of PA12 powders for laser sintering, developed in partnership with Hunan Farsoon in China. The range comprises four versions:

  • PA12–S 1300: A nylon powder ideal for printing complex parts, particularly those used in the aerospace and automotive industries;
  • PA12-GF 2500: A fiberglass-reinforced powder for parts requiring more rigidity and better resistance to high temperatures;
  • PA12-CF 6500: A carbon-reinforced powder; and
  • PA12-MF 6150: A powder reinforced with mineral fibers for smooth surfaces and high resistance to heat distortion.

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