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Lasers in Action Video Page showcases professionals using lasers in a wide variety of application areas. These videos are an ideal way to engage an audience of professionals involved in purchasing lasers for manufacturing.

Industry Events Videos

Videos of ILS and vendors showcasing technologies and trends at industrial laser shows.

Laser Welding Videos

Videos of laser welding technology & applications: titanium, tailored blanks, seam and wobble tracking.

  Laser Cutting Videos

Videos of laser-cutting metal materials, including nesting capabilities, with fiber, CO2, and YAG lasers
  CO2 Laser Videos

Laser cutting videos using CO2 laser systems.
  Fiber Laser  Videos

Videos of fiber laser systems design, and application in laser cutting.
  Laser Drilling  Videos

Percussion drilling of a turbine engine component.
  Laser Marking Videos

Fiber laser marking metals and plastics, QR coding, galvo-servo synchronization.
  Micromachining  Videos

Videos of lasers used in micromachining: annealing films on glass substrates, analyzing laser-tailored pulses.

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