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Die Cutting

Die Cutting news and technical articles from Industrial Laser Solutions. Search Die Cutting latest and archived news and articles

  1. Laser processing company expands manufacturing capacity

    Online Articles

    Mon, 30 Jan 2012

    Converting) offers laser processing and die cutting services for the medical, packaging ..... clean rooms, dozens of laser and die cutting work stations, and PhD level applications ..... workers globally, and offers laser, die cutting , laminating and screen printing

  2. Running shoes use the best materials

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 Jan 2011

    preparatory or finishing work. The shoe uppers are cut accurately with the laser system. "Flexible shoe parts that need no die - cutting and that can be flawlessly reproduced from different materials make our eurolaser system the very centerpiece of the

  3. Remote laser web cutting

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Oct 2009

    A trend today finds mechanical die cutting being replaced by laser cutting, the so-called digital die cutting . FIGURE 1. A new system design ..... systems are compared to tool-based die cutting systems, most of which derive

  4. Holiday Rush

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Dec 2006

    design parameters associated with traditional steel-rule die cutting methods, allowing them to create far more intricate ..... virtually blowing the doors off traditional steel rule die cutting . Click here to enlarge image Meeting the aggressive

  5. Switching to laser

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Jul 2004

    inherent productivity advantages with die cutting . The laser beam has to traverse ..... the membrane switch market. When die - cutting with steel rule dies, the sheet ..... registered to the print during the die - cutting operation. A critical component

  6. Products

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 Aug 2009

    making registration correction at every processing point. Preco 's direct drive gearing into the RCP ensures greater die cutting accuracy by reducing the potential for backlash or swathing in the gearing. Quasi-CW UV laser Click here to enlarge

  7. Building better batteries

    Online Articles

    Fri, 1 May 2009

    2 mm (coated) depending on the cell design (cylindrical or planar) and the electrode type (cathode or anode). Die cutting is used to stamp planar electrodes and rotary knife slitting is applied to cut electrode strips for cylindrical cells

  8. Update

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Aug 2002

    Sun Valley, CA The J. Miller company specializes in die cutting and gasket fabricating using the first Haas ZM-100 ..... make a tool to cut a complicated gasket. For example die - cutting caused a Teflon ring to stretch while trying to get

  9. Update

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 1 Oct 2002

    to-roll screen-printing; film insert forming systems for injection mold decorating; and high-speed automatic die cutting . Preco has its own line of CO2 and UV laser systems for application in markets that require high-precision processing

  10. Cuvette cutting

    Online Articles

    Fri, 1 Jul 2005

    cutting/singulation process, including sawing and die cutting . Saw cutting proved to be too time consuming and inconsistent. Also, both sawing and particularly die - cutting would often cause the various layers of the acrylic