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Cladding news and technical articles from Industrial Laser Solutions. Search Cladding latest and archived news and articles

  1. Processing head for laser cladding

    Online Articles

    Wed, 12 Aug 2009

    latest highlight is iClad®, a processing head for laser cladding of internal surfaces designed for industrial use for apertures ..... acquisition of a license to sell a processing head for the laser cladding of internal surfaces. The compact design of the iClad special

  2. Fiber lasers for cladding /brazing/annealing

    Online Articles

    Wed, 8 Apr 2009

    IPG Photonics Corp. (Oxford, MA) announced a new line of cost-effective fiber lasers specifically designed for cladding , brazing, and annealing applications in the automotive, aerospace, oil, and heavy industries. The new YLS-CL series

  3. Laser cladding for difficult-to-access internal contours

    Online Articles

    Mon, 14 Apr 2014

    cycle of plants and equipment. Laser cladding equips component surfaces with the decisive ..... strain on the treated components, laser cladding is the established standard for the specific ..... integrated process media feed, makes laser cladding of internal contours possible through

  4. Laser cladding replaces TIG for industrial gas turbines

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Nov 2012

    repair and rebuild these parts, laser cladding is becoming the preferred method because ..... increasingly incorporated automated laser cladding in favor of manual conventional welding ..... are the driving industry behind laser cladding innovation. Figure 1. Blade tip with

  5. Laser cladding with direct diode lasers

    Online Articles

    Mon, 1 Jun 2009

    additive manufacturing technologies such as cladding and sintering is a relatively new technology ..... industrial applications in the 1970s for cladding valves and valve seats. One of the earliest ..... in the Japanese car industry, where cladding the valve seats of aluminum alloy engines

  6. Laser cladding of worn cylinder bores

    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 May 2011

    train engines new lease on life Laser cladding is a proven technology for repairing or ..... device, iClad®, is available for cladding internal contours or blind bores that ..... processing head is applicable in or for the cladding of aperture diameters down to 26 mm and

  7. Laser cladding eliminates component replacement

    Online Articles

    Wed, 24 Mar 2010

    parts. In this line of work, laser cladding is used as a tried-and-tested technology ..... Jelmer Brugman, head of Stork's laser cladding department, successfully applies this ..... 600 mm for the complete range of laser cladding tasks. Whether hardening, alloying

  8. New laser cladding facility in Shanghai

    Online Articles

    Thu, 14 Jul 2011

    to utilize lasers as part of the metal cladding process. Application center personnel ..... the knowledge and experience to optimize cladding process parameters and help those developing new cladding techniques to understand the suitability

  9. Laser Cladding Services add new heat treating process

    Online Articles

    Wed, 26 Nov 2008

    LaserHeat Pinpoint Treating is a high-powered laser pin-point heat treating process that extends the lifecycle of critical parts.

  10. Laser cladding makes the grade

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Nov 2004

    Utilizing the laser for precise selective deposition of tool grade material could revolutionize the tool industry

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