ULT to showcase mobile extraction and filtration system for laser and welding fumes at LASYS 2016


The LAS 260.HD 19 W3 mobile extraction and filtration system for laser and welding fumes meets certification requirements according to DIN EN ISO15012-1 welding fume separation class W3.

Laser Components to showcase diffractive optical element accessories at LASYS 2016


Holo/Or's DOE tuner and beam expander accessories work with the company's diffractive optical elements (DOEs) for high-power laser beam shaping and splitting.

Ophir Photonics to showcase industrial beam monitoring system at LASYS 2016


The BeamWatch industrial beam monitoring system quickly and accurately makes measurements without contacting the laser beam.

Precitec to demonstrate laser package for cutting machines at LASYS 2016


The All-In-Light package includes a disk laser and beam delivery fiber for manufacturers of flatbed and tube cutting machines.

Coherent to display selection of laser products for materials processing at LASYS 2016


The HighLight 3000FL OEM fiber laser delivers 3kW of continuous-wave (CW) output at 1µm.

OR Laser to show laser marking system at LASYS 2016


The ORLAS Portal laser marking system features a solid granite positioning stage and gantry system.

Lasertel to display direct-diode laser system at LASYS 2016


The LightForm direct-diode laser system pairs the company's CW laser diode arrays with advanced beam shaping optics.

Rofin to showcase lasers for materials processing at LASYS 2016


The Performance Unlimited manual welding laser has the ability to weld long or bulky parts.

CO2 lenses for wood cutting and engraving lasers


A line of OEM-compatible, field-replacement CO2 laser lenses provide deep stock removal for popular wood cutting and engraving lasers.

Collimating and beam-shaping optics


PowerPhotonic's collimating and beam shaping optics have use with high-power laser cutting and welding systems.

Pressure regulator


Witt Gas Controls has introduced its 737 LE-HD/S dome-loaded pressure regulator for high-pressure industrial laser applications.

Flood-lamp and spot curing systems for 3D printing


The DYMAX UV flood lamp and spot curing systems from Intertronics have uses in post-curing for 3D printing processes.

Linear motion systems


LM76 has introduced the SAIBO SB-LGC linear motion systems for use in laser cutting, among other applications.

CO2 laser coder kit


Nutfield Technology has debuted a laser coder kit designed around the company's DPI 20W CO2 laser (Model N20-black).

Fiber laser cutting system


The LT-FREE five-axis fiber laser machine is designed for cutting 3D formed or shaped parts.

Laser sintering powder


Prodways has launched the TPU-70A thermoplastic polyurethane material for use with laser sintering technology.

Laser micromachining station


4JET's TWIN laser micromachining station integrates laser drilling, cutting, and thin-film processing technologies.

Multi-focus optics for material processing


AdlOptica has introduced its foXXus objectives for use in micromachining applications.

Loading system for steel cutting


The eLoader loading system automates the steel loading process so that laser cutting machine operators do not have to interrupt production.

Air flow amplifiers for fume extraction


Vortec's air flow amplifiers extract smoke, fumes, and debris from welding to enhance safety, ergonomics, and productivity.

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