Laser stent and tube cutter


A system-wide upgrade to the Sigma laser stent and tube cutter allows configuration with either microsecond fiber or femtosecond lasers.

Optics cleaning kit


The LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit cleans splatter from CO2 laser optics, including those made from sapphire, quartz, germanium, silicon, and other materials.

Piezo nanopositioner


The QFOCUS QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stage enables microscope objective and optics positioning at high speeds.

Laser for optical components ID marking


The LMS-650XS laser solution has utility in optical component ID marking for traceability.

Laser safety light curtains


The Orion laser safety light curtains are available in base and extended models.

Dual-workstation multi-axis laser system


The LASERDYNE 606D multi-axis laser processing system features two independent workstations to help maximize work envelope and throughput per unit of manufacturing floor space.

Roughness measurement system


Mahr Federal will introduce its MarSurf PS 10 roughness measurement unit for shop-floor use at IMTS 2016 (September 12-17, 2016, in Chicago, IL - Booth E-5614).

Industrial-grade linear stages


The IDL165-BL series industrial-grade linear stages feature a ballscrew drive and brushless DC motor for high duty cycle and high-throughput applications.

Tool identification system


The TID tool identification system establishes an interface between tool presetters and a CNC machine tool.

Laser welding system


The GLX-3 laser welding system delivers clean, high-speed laser welding of large-format plastic parts with more complex geometries.

High-speed focuser


The BLINK high-speed focuser features a friction-free bearing that offers stable servo bandwidths in excess of 500Hz.

Manual laser welding system


The Performance Unlimited manual laser welding system has a closed, laser-safe working chamber, allowing operation without costly additional technical precautions.

Beam shaper for ultrafast lasers


The Focal-πShaper 9_HP refractive focusing beam shaper operates with modern high-power picosecond and femtosecond lasers.

Thermoelectric modules


The UltraTEC Series thermoelectric module has a heat-pumping capacity up to 340W for use in larger cooling applications with limited surface area, such as industrial lasers.

Composite clad metal strip


Newly developed composite clad metal strip has use in industrial applications, among others.

Variable beam expanders


The TECHSPEC variable beam expander line includes 355nm wavelength versions with a 2–8X magnification range, with particular utility in ultraviolet (UV) laser machining.

Linear stepper stage


The LSS-012-12-060-XY-01A-M low-profile linear stepper XY positioning stage integrates an absolute linear encoder.

Fiber laser cutting machine


The ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine offers high-speed cutting capabilities into the thick plate range.

Brochure on precision motion control


A brochure on Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics features offerings for laser welding, among other applications.

Fiber laser tube cutting system


The LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system has with 3kW of output power to cut various materials for tube diameters up to 9.5in.

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