Microjoule femtosecond laser


Onefive GmbH's Origami – XP microjoule femtosecond laser features a single-box, air-cooled design that incorporates the laser head, controller, and air-cooling system.

Camera registration system


Kern Laser Systems has added the k-vision camera registration system package as an option for its current line of laser cutting and engraving systems.

Diamond laser cutting machines


Sahajanand Technologies has introduced laser cutting machines for diamond cutting.

Laser cutting system


Trumpf has introduced a new version of its TruLaser Cell 8030 laser cutting system, whose principal field of application is laser cutting of hot-formed 3D designs and press-hardened components.

Robotic welding system


Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik has introduced its QIROX All-In-One robotic welding system, which combines a workpiece positioner, robot, and robot positioner.

Fume extraction system


The CMAXX laser and plasma table fume extraction system from Imperial Systems is a modular industrial dust collector for plasma or laser cutting tables.

Laser cutting heads


Precitec has debuted its ProCutter cutting heads, which have utility in laser-based fusion cutting of thin and medium material thicknesses in the 1µm wavelength range.

Rotary-table laser marking workstations


FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has introduced its M2000-R and M3000-R laser marking workstations, which can process geometrically complex work pieces of varying sizes as well as small and large batches of parts.

Fiber laser multitasking machine

12/08/2014 Mazak Corporation has introduced its fiber laser-based INTEGREX i-400AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine, which has utility in small lot production of very difficult-to-cut materials such as those used in the aerospace, energy, and...

Glass laser cutting process

11/25/2014 Rofin-Baasel UK has debuted its SmartCleave FI glass laser cutting process, a kerf-less separation process for strengthened (chemically and thermally) and non-strengthened glass of 100µm to 10mm in thickness and other brittle m...

Remote analysis software for laser cutting systems


Eurolaser has introduced its Watchdog remote analysis software tool that works with the company's laser cutting systems.

Sheet metal CO2 optics


Laser Research Optics' large CO2 lenses and mirrors for Mitsubishi and Mazak sheet metal laser cutting systems are said to allow companies to reduce consumable costs.

Laser marking workstation


Miyachi America has debuted its LMWS laser marking workstation designed for benchtop operation.

Pulse selector for fiber lasers


Jenoptik's Pulse Selector IOM enables automatic adjustment of the operating point, which ensures that the modulator's offset voltage is adjusted regularly and guarantees that pulse control is always accurate.

High-resolution chipsets for 3D printing


Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced two high-resolution digital light processing (DLP) chipsets for use in 3D printing.

CO2 laser markers


Electrox Laser has launched its Cobra high-speed CO2 laser marker, which marks up to 2500 characters/s on line speeds of up to 300m/min for coding applications such as packaging and industrial goods.

Galvo scanner


Aerotech has debuted its AGV-HPO galvanometer scanners, which can be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy over the field of view.

Hybrid laser marker


Keyence has introduced its MD-X Series hybrid laser marker, which delivers fiber and YVO4 laser oscillation methods.

Nanoimprint lithography process for high-volume manufacturing


EV Group (EVG) has introduced its SmartNIL large-area nanoimprint lithography (NIL) process.

CO2 laser engraving system


Gravograph has introduced its Energy 8 CO2 laser engraving system for low-output marking in workshops, stores, or offices.

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