Laser sintering powder


Prodways has launched the TPU-70A thermoplastic polyurethane material for use with laser sintering technology.

Laser micromachining station


4JET's TWIN laser micromachining station integrates laser drilling, cutting, and thin-film processing technologies.

Multi-focus optics for material processing


AdlOptica has introduced its foXXus objectives for use in micromachining applications.

Loading system for steel cutting


The eLoader loading system automates the steel loading process so that laser cutting machine operators do not have to interrupt production.

Air flow amplifiers for fume extraction


Vortec's air flow amplifiers extract smoke, fumes, and debris from welding to enhance safety, ergonomics, and productivity.

Femtosecond laser micromachining system


The MicroMachine – USP III ultrafast laser micromachining workstation features a 20W femtosecond laser with IR, green, and UV wavelengths.

Jenoptik to show 16W femtosecond laser at LME 2016


The 16W JenLas femto 16 industrial femtosecond laser features pulse energy up to 80mJ.

Laserline to display fiber-coupled, high-power diode lasers at LME 2016


The sixth-generation LDF fiber-coupled, high-power diode lasers have uses in industrial applications in the multi-kilowatt range.

Precitec to showcase laser cutting head at LME 2016


The MiniCutter laser cutting head cuts thin metals efficiently with a 1kW (max.) fiber-guided laser.

Ophir-Spiricon to showcase noncontact beam monitoring system at LME 2016


The BeamWatch noncontact beam monitoring system has use with high-power YAG, fiber, and diode lasers.

Aerotech to show positioning stages at LME 2016


The PRO Series linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are available with new sizes, features, and improved performance.

Coherent to showcase multi-kilowatt fiber laser at LME 2016


The HighLight FL-Series multi-kilowatt fiber laser employs the company's unique modular architecture.

Gentec-EO to display laser power meter at LME 2016


The Pronto laser power meter provides 250W of instantaneous laser power measurements in laser marking applications.

Laser Mech to showcase welding head at LME 2016


At 55mm2 around its central core, the FiberMINI Weld welding head has uses with fiber-delivered, solid-state laser systems up to 6kW.

KKT chillers to display chillers for industrial applications at LME 2016


Vario-Line chillers for industrial applications offer refrigerating capacity that is automatically adjustable to the respective application's existing load profile.

Iradion Laser to showcase 30W carbon-dioxide laser at LME 2016


The Z30 CO2 laser tube, which has 30W output power, has a Z-folded (2-fold) unstable resonator.

SPI Lasers to show 4kW fiber laser at LME 2016


The redPOWER 4kW fiber laser has uses in several industrial cutting, welding, and drilling applications.

Synrad to display pulsed laser series for materials processing needs at LME 2016


All models in the p-series pulsed laser offering will be shown at LME 2016.

Prima Power Laserdyne to present laser material processing control features at LME 2016


SmartTechniques are proprietary features on the company's LASERDYNE product line, which help eliminate secondary defects.

TRUMPF to showcase laser for marking at LME 2016


The TruMark 1110 diode-pumped vanadate laser for marking contains a beam source, controls, internal focal position control, and scanner within a shoebox-sized enclosure.

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