Femtosecond laser for micromachining


Coherent has introduced its Rapid FX femtosecond laser for high-precision micromachining of metal, glass, sapphire, ceramic, and other dielectric materials.

Scanning slit laser beam profiler


Ophir Photonics has debuted its NanoScan 2s scanning slit beam profiler for instant measurement of beam position and size with sub-micron precision for continuous-wave (CW) and kilohertz pulsed lasers.

nLIGHT to showcase industrial fiber laser at Fabtech 2015


The alta prime industrial fiber laser is available in power levels from 500W to 1kW for use in advanced industrial metal cutting and welding applications.

LVD Strippit to show fiber laser cutting machine at Fabtech 2015


The Electra FL fiber laser cutting machine, equipped with the company's FA-L automation, can process various traditional sheet metals with a 1μm laser beam.

Rigaku Analytical Devices to display industrial handheld alloy analyzer at Fabtech 2015


The Katana handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer enables alloy identification.

MC Machinery Systems to showcase 6kW fiber laser at Fabtech 2015


The eX-F Series fiber laser combines Mitsubishi's eX Series CO2 lasers and a fiber resonator.

Jenoptik to present 3D laser cutting machine at Fabtech 2015


The Jenoptik-VOTAN BIM 3D laser cutting machine processes a variety of metal parts without the need to use special cutting dies.

Cincinnati Inc. to show big-area additive manufacturing system at Fabtech 2015


The Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine uses a steel fabricated chassis and advanced linear drive motors as the base, and extrudes hot thermoplastic to build parts, layer by layer.

Amada Miyachi America to highlight laser marker workstation at Fabtech 2015


The LMWS laser marker workstation marks on metals, plastics, and ceramics, and has uses in lean manufacturing, low-volume production, and R&D environments.

LaserCoil Technologies to display dual-head laser blanking system at Fabtech 2015


The company's dual-head, coil-fed laser blanking system can process several materials in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.5mm.

BLM Group USA to showcase tube bending machine at Fabtech 2015


The LC5 tube and sheet fabricating machine is equipped with a 4.5kW fiber laser.

Autotuning tool for motion controllers


Aerotech's EasyTune advanced autotuning tool for the company's motion controllers is entirely data-driven.

Laser blanking from coil stock


LaserCoil offers a laser blanking capability directly from coil stock to eliminate both die cost and die maintenance.

Robotic laser marking system


Tec Systems' robotic laser marking system has a compact marking head that weighs 10 kg, including air cooling.

Fiber laser welding systems


Amada Miyachi America's LF Series fiber lasers, which have use in precision microwelding, can be focused to spot sizes down to 10µm.

Wide-format laser micromachining system


Polaris Motion has developed advanced algorithms for wide-format laser micromachining that enable the motion of a galvoscanner continuously and smoothly with an XYZ stage.

Multikilowatt fiber laser platform


Coherent has expanded the company's fiber laser offering with a platform capable of delivering output powers to 4kW and higher.

High-power Nd:YAG laser mirrors


Edmund Optics has introduced its TECHSPEC high-power Nd:YAG laser mirrors, which feature all-dielectric ion beam-sputtered coatings.

Sheet and tube laser cutting system


The BLM Group has introduced its LC5 sheet and tube laser cutting system, which is equipped with a 4.5kW fiber laser and provides automatic loading and unloading.

Laser fume extraction and filtration system


ULT has introduced its LAS 160 laser fume and dust extraction and filtration system.

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