Laser power meter


LaserBits has introduced its Wizard laser power meter, which measures accurately to .1 W and tracks output trends.

High-energy ultrafast amplifier


Spectra-Physics has introduced its Solstice Ace one-box ultrafast amplifier for use in laser micromachining.

Fiber laser cutting system


LVD Strippit has debuted its Lynx FL fiber laser cutting system, which is powered by a 2kW fiber laser source.

Inert gas dryer/purification system


Amada Miyachi America has introduced its BMI-500 gas dryer/purification system.

Extraction and filtration systems


ULT AG has introduced its next-generation ULT 1500 and ULT 2500 extraction and filtration systems, which are designed for removal and filtration of hazardous substances in dust, laser fume, and welding smoke.

Compact laser scan head


Laser Control Systems has introduced its Digi-Cube II digital laser scan head for laser marking.

Industrial femtosecond laser


Rofin-Baasel has introduced its StarFemto industrial femtosecond laser, which offers 700–800fs pulses at an average power of 20W and repetition rates up to 2MHz.

End-point control for laser welding


Prima Power Laserdyne's SmartRamp provides consistent end-point control during laser welding, eliminating areas where potential weld failure can occur.

Laser micromachining system


Electro Scientific Industries (ESI) will introduce its GemStone FLX Series 1 laser micromachining system at the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) exhibition.

Laser scan head


Scanlab has introduced its intelliSCAN III 20 laser scan head, which has uses in 3D printing and laser cutting.

Additive manufacturing database


Senvol has launched its Senvol Database in response to the rapid growth of the additive manufacturing (3D printing) industry.

High-power UV laser


Spectra-Physics has added the Talon 355-20 high-UV output power laser to its Talon family of Q-switched DPSS lasers.

Additive manufacturing material capabilities


The NanoSteel Company has expanded its additive manufacturing material capabilities to support metal 3D printing of complex, high-hardness parts.

Hyper-hemispherical sapphire dome


Meller Optics has introduced a large, truncated hyper-hemispherical sapphire dome that permits infrared (IR) and short-wave IR (SWIR) 360° full viewing.

Real-time monitoring system


Rofin-Sinar's VisionPerfoControl real-time monitoring system monitors laser perforation quality, ensuring that micro-holes of consistent quality and diameter have been perforated.

Spark extinguisher


Imperial Systems' Spark Arrestor extinguishes sparks and burning ember before they can enter an industrial dust collector.

XY linear stages


Newport has debuted its ONE-XY Series integrated two-axis linear stages for use in demanding XY-positioning applications.

Laser tube cutting system


BLM Group USA has introduced its LT8 three-dimensional (3D) CO2 laser tube cutting system.

Laser marking workstations


Electrox Laser has added two new models to its EMS laser marking workstations.

Beam profiling camera


Ophir Photonics Group has introduced the LT665 USB 3.0 large-array beam profiling camera, which has uses in ophthalmology, high-speed inspection, machine vision, and near-infrared (NIR) applications.

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