Green laser marker


Technifor's TG400 532 nm green laser marking solution permits marking of materials that are unable to interact with YAG, YVO4, fiber, or CO2 laser equipment.

2D laser cutting machine


Mitsubishi Laser's eX-S 2D laser cutting machine features a 2700W resonator to cut steel thicknesses up to and over .75 in.

Laser safety viewing windows

04/08/2014 Laser Physics UK has introduced a range of polymer, glass, and acrylic laser safety viewing windows that meet EN 207 standards for Nd:YAG, CO2, potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP), argon, excimer, and other lasers and laser combi...

Laser micromachining systems


Raydiance has introduced the R-Drill, R-Tube, and R-Mill to address micromachining challenges in the automotive, industrial, and medical device industries.

Laser-induced tempering


LIMO has announced that a laser source can be used for surface heating by involving a special application of the Activation Line 300.

Configurable fiber laser workstation


IPG Photonics has introduced the IX-200-F advanced fiber laser micromachining system for general purpose, R&D, and batch-scale production apps.

10 kW direct diode laser system


Coherent offers higher power in new HighLight 10,000D direct-diode laser system.

15 W UV laser


Spectra-Physics launched its 355-15 15 W UV laser at Laser World of Photonics China last week.

Fiber laser cutting machines


Bystronic has added two new functions to its BySprint Fiber range: one that monitors the cutting process in real time and corrects it, and one that allows automatic nozzle exchange.

Position synchronized pulse


Schleicher Electronic combines hardware and software functions in laser machining with position synchronized pulse.

250 W laser source


Kern Laser’s systems can now be equipped with a 250 W laser source that allows cutting of up to 0.125 in. mild steel.

1572 nm DPSS laser


RPMC has announced the release of the compact SOL 5 W 1572 nm laser from Bright Solutions.

Extraction and filter system


ULT AG’s new LAS 1500 extraction and filter system provides both particle and gas filtration and the automated addition of filter aids.

Line of CO2 lasers


Kern Technologies has debuted its LightWAVE line of CO2 lasers with100, 150, and 200 W versions available in a sealed and compact design.

Diode laser for medical apps


Lumics GmbH-Berlin has announced its 1940 nm laser diode source based on the LuOcean Series for medical apps.

Fiber laser optics sapphire windows


Laser Research Optics has released fiber laser sapphire windows for 1 micron optics.

Laser marking workstation


SIC Marking has launched the XL-Box laser marking workstation equipped with a fiber laser source doped with Ytterbium.

Laser processing workstation


IMRA America Inc. introduced its MUSASHI laser processing workstation for apps such as cutting and drilling at SPIE Photonics West 2014.

Alignment of multimode fibers


Laser Mechanisms has introduced its FiberTOOL device that aids in the alignment of standard multimode fibers.

Femtosecond laser with increased mean power


Trumpf is presenting a new TruMicro 5070 Femto Edition laser with increased mean power at SPIE Photonics West 2014.