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Glowforge funded to commercialize low-cost 3D laser printers for consumer use


To bring their 3D Laser Printer to market this year, Glowforge announced a $9 million Series A funding round.

Rofin celebrates 40th anniversary in Munich


Rofin, celebrating 40 years this year, is representative of the history and diversity of industrial laser material processing.

HALO project results: Optimized beam profiles for laser machining


Fraunhofer ILT has participated in the EU's HALO project; results will be presented at LASER World of Photonics Munich.

Five decades of laser light in automotive


In this International Year of Light, the photonics industry has joined together to announce the importance of light and optical technologies in our lives.

Femtosecond laser processing of brittle materials


A non-ablative femtosecond process allows machining of curvilinear and internal closed-shape features in transparent, brittle materials.

CO2 lasers advance next-generation abrasive disc technology


In the early days of industrial CO2 lasers, attention was focused on pursuing laser cutting abrasive (sandpaper) discs as a viable market.

Cutting narrow bars in thin metal foils


Long, narrow structures in the micron scale in thin metal foils of <100μm thickness are used for shadow masks, electrical contact bars, medical devices, and other purposes.


Yankee shoppers hit Eastec


Last week I did Eastec, the SME's biannual manufacturing technology show held at the old Big E showgrounds in West Springfield, MA.

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Another visit to CLEO

05/20/2015 CLEO—the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics—is and has always been primarily a "scienti...

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Multi-kilowatt lasers for industrial materials processing

Laser output power, along with focused spot size and its temporal location, a...

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Right and Wrong Ways to Manage Laser System Variables in Material Processing

One goal for anyone in material processing is to maintain consistency with the many variables that are introduced into the process.  When a laser is being used for the production of parts, the laser system has its own set ...


Replacement lenses from II-VI Infrared eliminate need for beam centering

05/23/2012 II-VI Infrared, the world leader in CO2 laser optics, is now providing replacement Trumpf Cut Len...

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