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LIA opens up registration for first-ever Industrial Laser Conference in Chicago


The Laser Institute of America has opened up registration for its Industrial Laser Conference, to take place during IMTS 2016.

AP Lazer to showcase laser cutting and engraving capabilities at woodworking event


AP Lazer will show woodworkers how to use its high-power laser machine for engraving and cutting wood.

Lasers shine when the stars are aligned


This issue could easily have been dubbed "the marking special" since we present three perspectives on laser marking difficult materials by a variety of processing options.

Advantages and optimizations for label cutting with CO2 lasers


Laser cutting with high-speed scan heads has changed label cutting to a dynamic and easily flexible process.

Laser blanking from coil is fast and flexible


Recent advances in laser technology and increases in cutting speeds have now opened opportunity for development of new and viable laser blanking solutions suited to higher production volumes.

Fiber laser cutting drives a power revolution


The percentage of fiber vs. CO2 laser sales has risen dramatically, with 2015 showing fiber lasers outselling CO2 lasers for the first time.

II-VI HIGHYAG introduces consulting services for industrial laser applications


II-VI HIGHYAG now offers application-specific consulting services, including for welding and cutting, in its own application laboratories.


All the world's a stage


Industrial Laser Solutions is only halfway through the 2016 editorial year, but it is time to begin planning for the 2017 Editorial Calendar.

Ron's Laser Report

SEMICON West 2016 recap


SEMICON West has minimal, but important industrial laser content.

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Welding with ns pulsed fiber lasers

The use of conventional cw and long pulsed laser for welding is well known, but the use of ns pulsed lasers represents a new direction offering both commercial and technical benefits. More commonly used for marking and engravin...

Performance-optimized chillers for laser cooling

Presentation of our special chiller line, Vario-Line, which include variable frequency drives. These are utilized to provide precise control of the cooling capacity automatically based on the actual heat load of the laser.


Replacement lenses from II-VI Infrared eliminate need for beam centering

05/23/2012 II-VI Infrared, the world leader in CO2 laser optics, is now providing replacement Trumpf Cut Len...

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Featured Industrial Laser Videos

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