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Miyachi America donates laser marker to nonprofit for veterans


Welding, marking, cutting, and micromachining equipment and systems maker Miyachi America recently donated an LMF2000 fiber laser marker along with related safety equipment to Workshops for Warriors (WFW).

GE partnership will yield laser machining platform for gas turbine production

11/20/2014 GE has partnered with laser cutting systems maker Synova and laser machining platform company Makino Milling Machine, whose Laser MicroJet technology will be used by GE in developing a manufacturing machine that ...

Laser welding joint venture of Worthington Industries opens facility in Canada


TWB Company, LLC has opened a new facility in Cambridge, ON, Canada, that will initially have one laser welding line with the capacity to produce 2 million tailor-welded blanks per year.

Milestone approaches for UK laser cutter


It seems hardly credible but at the end of this year, Laser Process Ltd. will have been providing laser cutting services to UK manufacturers for 25 years. 

Laser micromachining company ESI to acquire Topwin Optoelectronics


Laser micromachining systems maker Electro Scientific Industries (ESI; NASDAQ: ESIO) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Wuhan Topwin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Topwin).

Laser technology maker Rofin-Sinar reports strong 4Q 2014 results


Laser technology maker Rofin-Sinar Technologies (NASDAQ: RSTI) has reported results for its fourth fiscal quarter and 12 months ended September 30, 2014.

Laser cutting services offered by Specialised Laser Products expand to 24/7 operation

11/11/2014 Following significant investment in new Bystronic laser cutting equipment and a marked upturn in the demand for laser-cut steel and aluminium for industrial applications, Specialised Laser Products (SLP) has move...

Laser welding, additive manufacturing enable equipment refurbishments with less effort

11/10/2014 The National Laser Centre of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed laser-based refurbishment techniques, including laser welding and additive manufacturing, that have made it pos...

Shiloh advances product strategy with U.S. tech center, acquisitions


Laser welding and metal stamping supplier Shiloh Industries plans to open a new, 40,000-sq-ft. technical center in Michigan as part of its efforts to reinvent itself and grow with its automaker customers.

It's the holiday season


Shortly after you read this, the holiday season will begin in most of the English-speaking world.

Laser marking joins the Industrial Internet of Things


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a term coined by Richard Nass of Automation World, is transforming how manufacturers do business.

Finding focus in high-power industrial laser processes

11/06/2014 In today's economic climate, those working with industrial high-power lasers should be doing everything they can to maintain one of their most valuable tools at its peak performance and optimize the processes for...

UV lasers fuel precision micromachining


Lasers with shorter wavelength, shorter pulse width, and low M2 (beam quality) enhance micromachining processes by creating a tightly focused spot and minimizing heat-affected zone (HAZ).

Commercially available ultrafast-pulse lasers: An update


The field of ultrafast-pulse (UFP) lasers has seen a lot of activity in the past year since ILS first published the tables in the July/August 2013 issue.

Hybrid welding and cutting for thin-tank production

11/06/2014 Hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) using an automated seam welder, a high-power solid-state laser, and innovative adaptive process control technology, combined with conventional CO2 laser cutting, provides productiv...

Laser welding in tube production


Laser welding in the automotive sector is popular for car body joining or smaller parts assembly. This article discusses Plimet's investment in a new automated line for producing continuously welded tubes.

Hot stamping and laser processing: A hot topic in automotive

11/06/2014 The terms hot stamping and press hardening are commonly known and used within the automotive industry. The benefits of using ultra-high-strength steels, such as 22MnB5, allow car manufacturers to build lighter, y...

Joining ultra-high-strength reliably with laser technology

11/06/2014 Incredibly light and holds up in collisions, but often impossible to weld: this characterizes ultra-high-strength chromium steels that, thanks to their high carbon content, could not be reliably bonded together b...

Laser-welded pipes for deep sea deployment

11/06/2014 In its production facility, Vallourec Umbilicals demonstrates how to use laser welding to produce pipes with high mechanical characteristics to reduce the wall thickness. With an 8kW Rofin CO2 laser, this factory...

Laser marking integration and automation solutions are the focus of joint development

11/05/2014 Laser marking systems distributor UVOTECH Systems, which recently added FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving machinery to its portfolio, and MEMA Engineering have entered into a joint partnership to develop laser marki...

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