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Laser digital-finishing solution attracts Pack Expo 2015 visitors


LasX Industries and partner Brandtjen & Kluge demonstrated their CartonsInMinutes packaging solution at Pack Expo 2015.

Gigaphoton achieves 24-hour continuous operation of EUV light source with 60 W average output


Gigaphoton has achieved 24-hour continuous operation of its EUV light source with average output power of 60W.

Latest results concerning IMRA/Coherent patent litigation


On October 1, 2015, in a nullity proceeding, the German Federal Patent Court found the German patent 695 00 997.4 to be invalid.

Videojet, Sun Chemical partner to showcase SunLase laser marking solution


Videojet Technologies partnered with Sun Chemical to demonstrate the SunLase on-pack laser marking solution at Pack Expo 2015.

SPI Lasers ceases production of CW lamp-pumped solid-state lasers


For pulsed lamp-pumped solid-state lasers, interested users will be referred to TRUMPF's TruPulse line.

Lasers are a gentler, more efficient means of removing paint from aircraft


LCR Systems B.V. will develop what it calls a “laser paint removal robot” by 2016 to strip all the paint off an aircraft automatically.

Laser surface treatment project receives €3.5M in funding


The University of Twente is receiving an EU grant for a project titled Laser4Fun involving laser surface treatment.

2D laser engraving system finds uses in the automotive industry


A 2D laser engraving system has found utility in automotive manufacturing, customization, and branding.

TRUMPF opens Berlin subsidiary for high-efficiency laser diode development


In close cooperation with Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, TRUMPF is working on energy-efficient laser pumps and direct-diode lasers.

Cirexx installs second laser drilling system


Cirexx has installed a second Excellon laser drilling system, which will drill holes, rout boards, and micromachine fine features.

LASER World of Photonics India 2015 draws largest attendance yet


LASER World of Photonics India 2015 welcomed 145 exhibitors and 6066 visitors—the highest number to date.

2016 Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize opens call for applications and nominations


The Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize is accepting applications and nominations for its 2016 prizes through December 31, 2015.

Cutting Technologies showcases at London Exhibition


Laser cutting and engraving specialist Cutting Technologies is showcasing its skills at top design exhibition Decorex International.

LVD and laser cutter AltaMAR to merge operations


LVD Company and AltaMAR will merge sales, service, production, and research and development facilities.

It's all in the timing


Lack of acceptance by industry in several applications was for non-laser related reasons that over time were overcome, leading to broader acceptance and usage.

Overcoming focal shift in high-power laser welding


The real impact of focal shift in laser welding was observed when EWI began welding trials at 10kW of fiber laser power.

Advanced circuit packaging with excimer lasers


Laser ablation delivers higher throughput and better yields

High-power diode lasers in metal processing


Larger spot size bridges gaps in brazing and welding

Pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers can weld, too!


Plastic welding, which is used in precision applications like microfluidic devices, benefits from the use of a fiber laser over other sources.

Disk laser applications abound


The disk laser continues to exceed expectations in industrial implementation.

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