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Amada Miyachi Europe acquires MacGregor Welding Systems


Amada Miyachi Europe has acquired MacGregor Welding Systems, which designs and manufactures precision micro-joining equipment.

Laser micromachining specialist 3D-Micromac establishes China subsidiary


3D-Micromac AG, which specializes in laser micromachining, has established a subsidiary in Wuxi, China.

LASYS 2016 Product Preview: More than 180 exhibitors will show off their laser material processing solutions


On the LASYS 2016 show's exhibit floor, over 180 exhibitors will demonstrate their laser material processing solutions.

4JET wins 2016 REIFEN Innovation Award for laser marking solution


4JET is the winner of a REIFEN 2016 Innovation Award for its laser marking solution for tire traceability.

Semiconductor laser supplier BWT Beijing wins 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award


BWT Beijing, which supplies semiconductor lasers, has won the 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award again.

Laser power monitoring improves process stability


Continuous monitoring of laser power is beneficial because the operation scheme can be logged without gap and malfunction is easier to track down.

Pulsed laser deposition system enables chip, material creation with larger patterning areas


The University of Twente has purchased an advanced pulsed laser deposition system from spinoff company Solmates.

Laser treatment helps to better bond carbon fiber to aluminum for lightweight cars


The resulting joints can absorb 200% more energy than conventional joints.

Novelis aluminum, coupled with advanced laser joining, lightens Cadillac CT6 vehicle


Novelis aluminum is used in the 2016 Cadillac CT6 vehicle's body, which is produced using advanced laser joining techniques.

Industrial laser systems manufacturer Amada Miyachi America opens new headquarters


Amada Miyachi America, which manufactures industrial laser equipment and systems, opened its new headquarters on April 28, 2016.

Diode laser maker DILAS to sell directly in France


DILAS now serves the French market for high-power diode laser components directly from its Mainz, Germany headquarters.

Femtosecond laser tools proliferate for micromachining applications

05/13/2016 Once the exclusive play toy of well-funded research labs, femtosecond lasers are starting to gain popularity for a range of industrial micromachining applications.

Laser welding facilitates fusion of polymers


Laser fusion of plastics or polymers has established itself as a long-proven bonding method in many industries.

Fiber laser helps clear the air


Standard and custom-designed activated carbon air filters manufactured using fiber laser technology are available.

2μm lasers enable versatile processing of plastics


Significant progresses have been made in developing various thulium-doped fiber lasers with a central wavelength near 2 microns.

Ultrafast lasers for ultra-small materials


The upcoming era of nanomaterials brings new possibilities for extremely fast, efficient, and miniaturized devices.

Laser allows single-step marking on automotive glass


Lasers have touched many segments of the auto industry, including laser marking of car windshields.

Laser welding of auto exhaust systems finds footing in united states

05/13/2016 It's known that laser welding can play a big part in weight reduction, as it is already widespread in body and chassis applications.

Novanta is the new corporate name for GSI Group


GSI Group announced that it changed its corporate name to Novanta.


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