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Subcon Laser Cutting celebrates 25th anniversary with $1.6M investment


Subcon Laser Cutting, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, is investing $1.6 million (£1 million) in the latest laser cutting equipment.

AdvancedCath acquires LSA Laser

09/18/2014 AdvancedCath, a portfolio company of Inverness Graham Investments, has expanded its outsourced medical device manufacturing platform by acquiring LSA Laser, whose laser welding and micromachining capabilities wil...

Element Six to develop ultrafast-pulse disk lasers for precision machining

09/18/2014 Synthetic diamond supermaterials maker Element Six has been selected by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development to help develop a new ultrafast-pulse disk ...

Principles of high-power laser welding to be presented at LME 2014

09/17/2014 David Havrilla, manager of products and applications for TRUMPF's laser division, will lead a tutorial on Principles of High Power Laser Welding on Tuesday, Sept. 23, the first day of the Laser Institute of Ameri...

InnoLas cell cutting technology can increase PV module power output

09/16/2014 A 6-month, real-world outdoor measurement in Germany using half-cell modules confirmed a +3 percent higher average module power yield in comparison to standard modules, and represents a strong argument of using c...

Laser marking and welding capabilities highlighted at LME 2014

09/15/2014 Welding, marking, cutting, and micromachining equipment and systems maker Miyachi America Corporation will showcase its fiber laser marking capabilities at the LIA's Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), to be he...

More of the same

09/12/2014 Financial reports from public companies for the first half of 2014 were available the first week of August and fiber laser market leader IPG surprised analysts with a stellar second quarter and first-half perform...

Micro-optics opens door for new applications in laser processing


Recognizing that digital encoder systems offer the highest precision for laser processing, Scanlab AG has set new standards for galvanometer scanners.

Mega-speed and precision laser micromachining


The photonics industry has recently seen a number of new, high-output-power, ultrashort-pulse (USP) lasers operating in the megahertz regime.

Femtosecond laser processing of metal and plastics in the medical device industry


In recent years, ultrashort femtosecond laser technology has been introduced, which produces pulses that leave no thermal fingerprint on the part.

High-speed, high-power laser welding

09/12/2014 With the help of outside collaboration, Begneaud Manufacturing has been able to define a new process that changes the way it can manipulate the focused laser beam spot on a workpiece—a method that was not possibl...

3D laser cutting robot: A view from China


Both laser technology and robot trajectory-controlling technology are evolving rapidly, with 3D laser cutting robotic solutions becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry.

Fiber laser welding enables new capabilities and flexibility


New capabilities and flexibility for fiber laser welding of metals and alloys is gaining the attention of many leading manufacturers, especially those in the aerospace industry.

Fiber and disk lasers in powertrain welding


Both fiber and disk lasers offer numerous advantages, making them the preferred choice for powertrain welding applications.

What can lasers do with composites?

09/12/2014 The widespread use of advanced polymer composites in the aerospace industry is leading to their increased use in other industries—most notably in the automotive industry, where weight reduction is of increasing i...

HYBRILAS project develops process for quick laser welding of thick sheets

09/11/2014 Scientists at the Laser Center in Hanover, as part of the joint project HYBRILAS, have developed a laser welding process that can be used to make single-sided, zero-defect welds in aluminum sheets up to a thickne...

Bystronic to roll out World Class Manufacturing program at EuroBLECH 2014

09/10/2014 Oliver Hergt, editor of corporate communications at Bystronic, speaks with Johan Elster, head of business unit markets at the company, about its World Class Manufacturing program, which is set to debut at the 23r...

Spectrum Technologies sells 300th UV laser wire marking system to Boeing Defence UK


Laser wire processing equipment maker Spectrum Technologies has secured a contract to supply its 300th Capris 50-100PCS UV laser wire marking system to Boeing Defence UK.

Laser hybrid welding process enables reliable joining of high-strength steels

09/05/2014 An interdisciplinary team of scientists at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) and the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) have developed a hybrid welding system with inductive preheating that can be used for re...

Pyrocam IV images laser beams to terahertz range


The new, fourth-generation Pyrocam IV pyroelectric camera adds greater sensitivity, better resolution, a larger active area, and more compact packaging to address next-generation laser source requirements.

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