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Welding with ns pulsed fiber lasers

The use of conventional cw and long pulsed laser for welding is well known, but the use of ns pulsed lasers represents a new direction offering both commercial and technical ben...

Performance-optimized chillers for laser cooling

Presentation of our special chiller line, Vario-Line, which include variable frequency drives. These are utilized to provide precise control of the cooling capacity automaticall...

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Tools to improve high-power laser materials processing


Laser materials processing requires not only the appropriate industrial laser system, but also a host of “tools” to ensure that the laser beam is delivered t...


AFL Releases Wall Mount Interconnect Enclosures with LGX® Compatibility

02/03/2016 Spartanburg, SC – AFL, a leading global fiber optics manufacturer and service provider, introduce...

Visit ULC at Photonics West 2016 and Save on Your Next Order

02/02/2016 This February, United Lens Company (ULC) will be attending the Photonics West Exhibition at the M...

Non-Yellowing UV Curable System Has Superior Abrasion Resistance

02/01/2016 Master Bond UV15X-6NM-2 is a one component, UV curing urethane acrylate system featuring flexibi...

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Time for US manufacturing to step up

At the Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME) on April 25-27, I will tell attendees that the manufacturing economy will rebound in the second half of 2016.

Ron's Laser Report

AKL'16 Laser Congress draws record crowd

The International Laser Technology Congress (AKL'16), held the last week of April, drew nearly 700 participants—a record.

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DPSS laser marking system

LNA Laser Technology has introduced its MP2 diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser marking system.

Positioning hexapod

Aerotech has debuted the HEX500-350HL hexapod for use in x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, and h...

ULT to showcase mobile extraction and filtration system for laser and welding fumes at LASYS 2016

The LAS 260.HD 19 W3 mobile extraction and filtration system for laser and welding fumes meets ce...

Laser Components to showcase diffractive optical element accessories at LASYS 2016

Holo/Or's DOE tuner and beam expander accessories work with the company's diffractive optical ele...

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