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Performance-optimized chillers for laser cooling

Presentation of our special chiller line, Vario-Line, which include variable frequency drives. These are utilized to provide precise control of the cooling capacity automaticall...

QA and Control of Laser Weld Depth With Inline Coherent Imaging

Existing laser process monitoring systems cannot truly measure weld penetration, track the seam, height sense in real-time, or make a true measurement of the solidified metal pr...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dr. Masao Horiba, founder and Supreme Counsel of HORIBA, Ltd. has died

07/27/2015 Irvine, California: With great sadness, HORIBA, Ltd. announces the death of the company founder ...

High Temperature Resistant, Optically Clear, Two Part Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Requirements

07/23/2015 Widely used for applications in the aerospace, electronic and OEM industries, Master Bond EP121CL...

AFL Receives BB&T Lighthouse Beam Occupational Safety Award

07/20/2015 AFL was awarded the BB&T Lighthouse Beam Occupational Safety Award for the fourth year in a row.


ICALEO 2015 takes Atlanta

If you have never attended ICALEO, it's more than sitting in the dozens of sessions—it’s the networking this event is famous for.

Ron's Laser Report

SEMICON West 2015 review

SEMICON West was, as usual, busy and a great venue to meet up with customers and see a lot of people in one place.

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Laser blanking from coil stock

LaserCoil offers a laser blanking capability directly from coil stock to eliminate both die cost ...

Robotic laser marking system

Tec Systems' robotic laser marking system has a compact marking head that weighs 10 kg, including...

Fiber laser welding systems

Amada Miyachi America's LF Series fiber lasers, which have use in precision microwelding, can be ...

Wide-format laser micromachining system

Polaris Motion has developed advanced algorithms for wide-format laser micromachining that enable...

Editor's Picks

Overcoming focal shift in high-power laser welding

The real impact of focal shift in laser welding was observed when EWI began welding trials at 10k...

Advanced circuit packaging with excimer lasers

Laser ablation delivers higher throughput and better yields

High-power diode lasers in metal processing

Larger spot size bridges gaps in brazing and welding

Pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers can weld, too!

Plastic welding, which is used in precision applications like microfluidic devices, benefits from...

Hybrids accelerate adoption of laser additive manufacturing

Just as hybrids are ushering in a smooth and steady transition to a more efficient and ecological...

Disk laser applications abound

The disk laser continues to exceed expectations in industrial implementation.

Cutting textiles accurately with lasers

Fahnen-Gärtner has added a eurolaser 3XL-series laser cutting system to its equipment for cutting...

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