Right and Wrong Ways to Manage Laser System Variables in Material Processing

One goal for anyone in material processing is to maintain consistency with the many variables that are introduced into the process.  When a laser is being used for the prod...

Editorial Digests

Multi-kilowatt lasers for industrial materials processing

04/23/2015 Laser output power, along with focused spot size and its temporal location, are crucial to optimizing the laser materials processing outcome--especially for ...


AFL Recipient of Three Technology Patents

10/03/2013 Five AFL associates were recognized for receiving patent awards for their work developing new pro...

AFL Introduces Fujikura Fixed V-groove Single Fiber

10/03/2013 AFL introduces the Fujikura 19S fusion splicer, a new fixed v-groove single fiber splicer, the la...

AFL Introduces New Family of NYFORS™ Recoating Products

10/03/2013 AFL now offers Nyfors Teknologi AB’s new family of recoating products including the ReCoater 2™, ...


Yankee shoppers hit Eastec

Last week I did Eastec, the SME's biannual manufacturing technology show held at the old Big E showgrounds in West Springfield, MA.

Ron's Laser Report

Another visit to CLEO

CLEO—the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics—is and has always been primarily a "scientific" laser conference and exhibition.

Financial News


Laser power meter

LaserBits has introduced its Wizard laser power meter, which measures accurately to .1 W and trac...

High-energy ultrafast amplifier

Spectra-Physics has introduced its Solstice Ace one-box ultrafast amplifier for use in laser micr...

Fiber laser cutting system

LVD Strippit has debuted its Lynx FL fiber laser cutting system, which is powered by a 2kW fiber ...

Inert gas dryer/purification system

Amada Miyachi America has introduced its BMI-500 gas dryer/purification system.

Editor's Picks

Fiber laser has material manufacturer walking on air

Air-assist gas reduces laser operating cost while slashing part-processing time.

Laser cutting breaks new ground

For a while, there have been two possibilities for creating a laser cutting plan.

Ultrafast lasers for consumer electronics

Today, ultrafast lasers are an important part of many industrial processes.

High-power VCSELs for building planes and sequencing genes

Now that diode lasers have finally conquered cutting, the holy grail of material processing, a ne...

Magnets improve quality of high-power laser beam welding

Welding is one of the most critical operations for the construction of reliable metal structures ...

Laser tube cutting for agricultural machines

Italy was one of the first countries in the world to really follow the development of industrial ...

Battery welding: Selecting laser, microTIG, and resistance technologies

The following is an overview of laser, resistance, and microTIG welding technologies, along with ...

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