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Additive Manufacturing Users Group doles out awards for technical skill


The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has named the recipients of its awards for technical skill, which were presented at the 26th annual users group conference in Tucson, AZ.

Fiber laser cutting technology

04/21/2014 Martin Cook, managing director, Cutting Technologies Ltd., is quoted in the current issue of the AILU e-Newsletter as follows: “We’ve recently installed a 4kw Fibre Laser at Cutting Technologies to replace an aging 4kW CO2 mach...

Oil and gas industries turn to laser drilling to cut through rock

04/21/2014 Ramona Graves of the Colorado School of Mines has demonstrated the potential of laser drilling by destroying a rock with advanced chemical laser, and characterized the ability of a high-power diode laser to drill through rock.

Strategies Unlimited celebrates 35 years of photonics market research


Photonics industry market analysis firm Strategies Unlimited proudly celebrates 35 years of service producing multi-client market research reports on photonics-related subjects.

Next-generation industrial laser systems compete for European laser prize

04/17/2014 The Innovation Award Laser Technology 2014 prize of 10,000 euros will be awarded during AKL'14 to one of three finalists announced by the Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. and the European Laser Institute ELI.

Laser-welded, hot-stamped door ring in 2014 Acura MDX garners joint award

04/17/2014 The industry's first laser-welded, hot-stamped door ring in the 2014 Acura MDX has garnered steelmaker ArcelorMittal, automaker Honda, and automotive supplier Magnas Cosma International a joint award in the 2014 Automotive News...

TeraDiode now shipping multikilowatt, ultra-high-brightness direct-diode lasers


High-brightness direct-diode laser technology developer TeraDiode has begun shipping its multikilowatt, high-brightness TeraBlade lasers to major machine tool and automotive welding manufacturers in Europe and Japan.

Snappy upgrades US location capabilities, rolls out laser-cut safety fittings offering

04/15/2014 Residential HVAC pipe supplier Snappy is consolidating and upgrading its manufacturing and warehousing capabilities at its four US network locations, including rolling out its laser-cut safety fittings that are produced using f...


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Diode Lasers for Materials Processing

Fiber-coupled, high-power diode lasers such as those from Laserline are inexpensive, unmatched in the industry in terms of high efficiency and homogeneity, and can be used in al...

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Editorial Guide: Laser Additive Manufacturing

11/22/2013 Laser additive manufacturing (LAM) has gained prominence in the materials processing community as an efficient means of sintering or fusing metallic, plastic...

UV Excimer Lasers Enable Precision Processing and Superior Surfaces

09/26/2013 From automobile engines to integrated circuits to flat panel displays, excimer lasers play a critical role in enabling manufacturing processes that deliver h...

Understanding and Optimizing Processes – A Technical Look at Three Common CO2 Laser Processing Topics

09/04/2013 Understanding and Optimizing Processes – A Technical Look at Three Common CO2 Laser Processing Topics” offers a closer, objective look at three of the most c...

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Could industrial lasers pull a deja vu in 2014?


Fiber lasers prevent 2013 market washout.

Ron's Laser Report

Inaugural Caribbean Laser Conference


This new two-day technical session in Puerto Rico was a sunny success.

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Green laser marker

04/17/2014 Technifor's TG400 532 nm green laser marking solution permits marking of materials that are unable to interact with YAG, YVO4, fiber, or CO2 laser equipment.
Mitsubishi Laser's eX-S 2D laser cutting machine

2D laser cutting machine


Mitsubishi Laser's eX-S 2D laser cutting machine features a 2700W resonator to cut steel thicknesses up to and over .75 in.

Laser safety viewing windows

04/08/2014 Laser Physics UK has introduced a range of polymer, glass, and acrylic laser safety viewing windows that meet EN 207 standards for Nd:YAG, CO2, potassium tit...

Laser micromachining systems

03/31/2014 Raydiance has introduced the R-Drill, R-Tube, and R-Mill to address micromachining challenges in the automotive, industrial, and medical device industries.

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Learn laser basics at laser technology short course at LASYS 2014

The central tenets of laser material processing will be taught during a 2-day short course at LAS...

New 3D printer said to advance the technology

The Singaporean company says its compact, high-speed 3D printer, for use in rapid prototyping and...

Laser additive manufacturing to be presented in Houston

The 6th Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop on March 12-13 will show how laser additive process...

Lincoln Electric, Case Western Reserve team on additive manufacturing benchmarking

In this second-round funding by America Makes, the team will test generating structural parts wit...

EOS and Airbus Group Innovations eco-assess aerospace 3D printing

Study reveals that direct metal laser sintering has the potential to build light, sustainable par...

Diode laser material processing Webcast shows installations for laser welding

In this free ILS Webcast, Wolfgang Todt of Laserline describes the developments made in commercia...

Mitsubishi moves into laser additive manufacturing with Matsuura partnership

MC Machinery Systems and Matsuura Machinery are introducing a new metal laser sintering hybrid mi...

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