Right and Wrong Ways to Manage Laser System Variables in Material Processing

One goal for anyone in material processing is to maintain consistency with the many variables that are introduced into the process.  When a laser is being used for the prod...

Editorial Digests

Lasers leave their mark

06/18/2015 Lasers for materials processing applications make up about 30% of the $9 billion dollar total laser market, and of that total, the laser marking/engraving in...

Multi-kilowatt lasers for industrial materials processing

04/23/2015 Laser output power, along with focused spot size and its temporal location, are crucial to optimizing the laser materials processing outcome--especially for ...


AFL's Enterprise Services Division Recognized for Safety

05/27/2015 AFL was honored and two locations received a Gold Award for safety.

AFL Associates Receive Patent Awards

05/27/2015 Two AFL associates receive Patent awards for their innovations which enhance technologies for cer...

AFL Acquires AFC Group

05/27/2015 AFC, a leading manufacturer, designer and integrator of fiber optic and copper communication solu...


Open call for editorial

I'm trying something a little different next year (2016) by issuing an open call for contributed articles.

Ron's Laser Report

Industry abuzzzz

The LASER World of Photonics 2015 exhibition held in Munich last week was a very vibrant affair.

Financial News


Laser fume extraction and filtration system

ULT has introduced its LAS 160 laser fume and dust extraction and filtration system.

High-power laser sensors

Ophir Photonics Group has debuted high-power laser sensors and scatter shields for measuring larg...

Laser micromachining system

Northrop Grumman - Cutting Edge Optronics has introduced its Patara II laser micromachining system.

Erlas Erlanger Lasertechnik to introduce laser material processing system at LASER World of Photonics 2015

The ERLASER Universal 522 modular laser system has uses in 3D applications requesting high precis...

Editor's Picks

Fiber laser has material manufacturer walking on air

Air-assist gas reduces laser operating cost while slashing part-processing time.

Laser cutting breaks new ground

For a while, there have been two possibilities for creating a laser cutting plan.

Ultrafast lasers for consumer electronics

Today, ultrafast lasers are an important part of many industrial processes.

High-power VCSELs for building planes and sequencing genes

Now that diode lasers have finally conquered cutting, the holy grail of material processing, a ne...

Magnets improve quality of high-power laser beam welding

Welding is one of the most critical operations for the construction of reliable metal structures ...

Laser tube cutting for agricultural machines

Italy was one of the first countries in the world to really follow the development of industrial ...

Battery welding: Selecting laser, microTIG, and resistance technologies

The following is an overview of laser, resistance, and microTIG welding technologies, along with ...

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