GE Aviation selects Auburn, AL facility for high-volume additive manufacturing capability

07/22/2014 Jet engine and aircraft system producer GE Aviation is planning to bring high-volume additive manufacturing to its Auburn facility. This facility will be the first of its kind to mass-produce additive components for the jet pro...

PhotoScribe laser enables marking of 410,000 pills per hour


Laser systems manufacturer PhotoScribe Technologies has impressed the pharmaceutical industry by developing the fastest laser for micro-marking pills on the fly.

LASAG celebates 40 years


LASAG AG was founded on March 4, 1974, to manufacture lasers for drilling watch jewels.

Laser Cutting Co adds capacity with a laser tube cutter

07/17/2014 The Laser Cutting Co. has invested almost £1 million in the latest Lasertube LT8 processing system from BLM. The investment will provide customers with greater production security and also cost-effective manufacture of complex ...

Lights-out machining with new fiber laser cutter


Like many sheet metal subcontractors that specialize in profiling thinner materials, Metalfacture has installed fiber laser technology from Bystronic alongside its existing CO2 laser cutting plant.

Cutting Technologies nabs top business award


The Sheffield City Region business awards, held in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on July 3, awarded Cutting Technologies with the Top SME/Business award.

Laser industry health in 2014


A picture of the laser industry's health is emerging now that we are in the midpoint of 2014, as first-quarter reports from leading industrial laser product manufacturers have been published.

Determining weld depth during laser welding

07/15/2014 Among the finalists at the recent Innovation Award Laser Technology—awarded by Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. (Laser Technology Study Group) and the European Laser Institute (ELI), and held during the International Laser Techno...


Application trends of continuous-wave lasers and technology update disk, diode and fiber lasers

Within the past couple of years one can see several trends in laser material processing. The increased use of lightweight designs and electric cars due to goals of reducing CO2-...

Fiber Lasers: New Measurement Techniques for Optimizing Performance

In this webcast sponsored by Ophir-Spiricon, we will discuss the use of fiber lasers in material processing applications, how to use new measurement technologies to optimize per...

Laser measurement techniques for beam control in materials processing

This webinar is designed for personnel who are using lasers for material processing.

Editorial Digests

Editorial Guide: Laser Additive Manufacturing

11/22/2013 Laser additive manufacturing (LAM) has gained prominence in the materials processing community as an efficient means of sintering or fusing metallic, plastic...

UV Excimer Lasers Enable Precision Processing and Superior Surfaces

09/26/2013 From automobile engines to integrated circuits to flat panel displays, excimer lasers play a critical role in enabling manufacturing processes that deliver h...

Understanding and Optimizing Processes – A Technical Look at Three Common CO2 Laser Processing Topics

09/04/2013 Understanding and Optimizing Processes – A Technical Look at Three Common CO2 Laser Processing Topics” offers a closer, objective look at three of the most c...


AKL Laser conference hits the target with laser additive manufacturing


AKL, the International Laser Technology Congress, opened on a high note on May 7.

Ron's Laser Report

A tale of two shows – Part II


See my blog from summer 2013 regarding follow-up to Semicon 2013. Just change the date to 2014 and the feedback is about the same as last year.

Financial News


High-speed CO2 coding and marking laser

07/09/2014 Electrox Laser introduced a high-speed CO2 coding and marking laser at LASYS 2014 that is available in 10 and 30W versions, and has utility in the food and d...

M2 laser beam propagation analyzer

07/08/2014 Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corp. brand, has released its newest version of the M2-200s camera-based beam propagation analyzer, which automatically measures l...
Inever BY300 CO2 laser-based multilane stickpack machine from Matrix

Multilane CO2 laser stickpack machine

07/07/2014 Pro Mach business unit Matrix has introduced the Inever BY300 CO2 laser-based multilane stickpack machine, which offers scoring and marking capabilities for ...
EL-10-42-LP laser processing lens from Optotune

Laser processing lens


Optotune's EL-10-42-LP laser processing lens with optical feedback allows for precise focal length control over a wide temperature range.

Editor's Picks

Learn laser basics at laser technology short course at LASYS 2014

The central tenets of laser material processing will be taught during a 2-day short course at LAS...

New 3D printer said to advance the technology

The Singaporean company says its compact, high-speed 3D printer, for use in rapid prototyping and...

Laser additive manufacturing to be presented in Houston

The 6th Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop on March 12-13 will show how laser additive process...

Lincoln Electric, Case Western Reserve team on additive manufacturing benchmarking

In this second-round funding by America Makes, the team will test generating structural parts wit...

EOS and Airbus Group Innovations eco-assess aerospace 3D printing

Study reveals that direct metal laser sintering has the potential to build light, sustainable par...

Diode laser material processing Webcast shows installations for laser welding

In this free ILS Webcast, Wolfgang Todt of Laserline describes the developments made in commercia...

Mitsubishi moves into laser additive manufacturing with Matsuura partnership

MC Machinery Systems and Matsuura Machinery are introducing a new metal laser sintering hybrid mi...

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