Lasys has the look of a winner

The laser systems show will spotlight more than components

When the concept for lasys-the international trade fair for systems solutions in laser materials processing-was being discussed, I envisioned that the inaugural event would be heavily weighted toward laser marking/engraving system suppliers. I wasn’t wrong, as the March 4-6, 2008, show in Stuttgart’s shiny new Messe will feature at least a dozen and a half companies that will be showing these products. That’s not to say this year’s lasys is a marking-only show, it’s simply because marking/engraving is the largest (on a units-produced basis) of the applications for industrial lasers. So it is only natural that manufacturers of these products will flock to the first show to feature innovative systems solutions for laser materials processing.

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lasys is THE laser systems show, providing a forum for prospective buyers of industrial laser processing equipment to view a range of competing products in an environment directed toward industrial manufacturing. This is not a laser show in the image of other shows that treat the laser as a component. This is a show that is geared to current laser system users looking to upgrade or expand their current manufacturing operations and for those new to the technology seeking to gain a better understanding of what is available in the systems market.

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It would be less than forthright not to acknowledge that the establishment of lasys has caused considerable concern in the highly competitive European trade-show business. The advisors to the show organizers, representing industry leaders, debated the premise of lasys carefully-recognizing that the world really didn’t need just another laser show and deciding instead that the time had come for a biennial laser system show that could stand alone and not be part of some larger trade-show mission. Industrial lasers are fast approaching a $10 billion business (a figure that includes those sold for photolithography), and it seemed to the advisors that this size market should have its own trade show-thus lasys.

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One has to admit that some laser-related product suppliers will follow the systems companies to lasys. If you sold consumables and replacement products you would view lasys as a likely venue, too. But as attendees will quickly recognize, lasys is a laser system show first and foremost. Here, end uses for lasers will be the overwhelming subject and visitors will be treated to a panoply of imaginative and proven solutions to materials processing operations. Suppliers such as ACI Laser, Baublys Control Laser, CAB Produkt-technik, Dr. Teschauer, Electrox, ES Technology, Foba Technology, Gravograph, Laser Cheval, LS Laser Systems, MarkiDent, Minimarker, nwl, Retec-Automark, Rofin Baasel Lasertechnik, Schilling Marking Systems, Tampoprint, Technifor, Trotec, trumpf, and Universal Laser Systems will exhibit a variety of marking/engraving solutions.

Systems for production applications ranging from micromachining to scribing/trimming to nonmetal cutting, laser brazing, surfacing, and metal cutting will be shown by 3D-Micromac, EOLite Systems, Erlas Erlanger Lasertechnik, Eurolaser, Finsomac, Indul Lasersysteme, Itec Automation, Jenoptik Automatisierungstechnik, Laserline, Laser Micronics, Laserplus, Laservorm, Leister Process Technologies, lpkf, M. Weihbrecht Lasertechnik, Miyachi Europe, Nexlase, Novalase, Nutech, Prolas, Reis Lasertec, Robot-Technology, sef Roboter, sei Deutschland, sisma, sitec Industrietechnologie, Soutec Soudronic, Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik, Synova, Thumm Technologie, trumpf, Vitro Laser, and Weil Engineering.

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Companies offering lasers and related products such as diagnostic devices, optics, power, chillers, gases, fiberoptics, motion systems, and scanning equipment will include Andreas Maier, Arges, BFi Optilas, FiberTech, Föhrenbach, Frank Optik Products, HighYAG Lasertechnologie, II-VI Deutschland, Laser 2000, Laser Mechanisms Europe, limo, Newson Engineering, Omega Laser Scanners, Pilz, Plasmo Industrietechnik, Precitec KG, Primes, Raylase, Scanlab, tdn, Technifor sas, Teka Absauge, Termotek, and ult.

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This is an incomplete listing of companies that reserved exhibit space through December 2007. Potential visitors to lasys are advised to check the Website,, for updated listings.

In conjunction with the show, Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum ( will be held March 4-6, 2008, at the Messe Congress Center. Presentations by well-known representatives from industry and science will focus on process control in manufacturing with lasers, micromaterials processing, and best practice examples in applications of disk and fiber lasers. New trends in laser developments, as well as in beam shaping and beam delivery, will spotlight potential developments for future laser technologies.

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In addition, on March 3 the wlt Summerschool 2008 for young engineers and scientists, organized by the German Scientific Society of Laser Technology wlt e.V (, will be held.

All-in-all it will be a busy week in Stuttgart. International visitors are encouraged to register now and to reserve accommodations at one of the excellent local hotels that make Stuttgart an enjoyable city to visit. The new Messe is the most advanced venue of its type in the world, and the location, adjacent to and within walking distance to air, rail, and road travel services, is a marvel of efficiency and utility, providing all the services a show goer needs to make the visit a success.

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