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Editorial collaboration produces new German publication for ILS

German companies are the largest producers of industrial lasers (about $1 billion), and this country is one of the largest users, making Germany the most potent player in the international marketplace, surpassing every other country in laser unit revenues. Admittedly this factoid relies heavily on the annual sales of two companies, TRUMPF and Rofin-Sinar, who together produce well over a billion dollars of industrial lasers and systems. Germany is also the home of more than 250 additional companies that make and sell industrial lasers, systems, and related products.

These companies annually export close to $1 billion of laser systems, with 25% of their products used outside Europe in the most highly developed industrial laser marketplaces. Name a corner of the industrial world where a German name badge isn’t seen on a laser processing system.

The country is also blessed with more than two dozen institutions of higher learning and numerous private research and development organizations all with major activities in industrial laser materials processing. A list of significant conferences and trade shows featuring industrial laser technology easily exceeds two dozen.

Is it any wonder then that Industrial Laser Solutions chose Germany as the next star in our global franchise? Actually there is one, the competition. Because this is a powerful market, others have chosen to serve it with quality publications, presenting ILS with a formidable, well-established editorial base.

We have long coveted the German industrial laser market but, recognizing that it is a publishing battlefield, waited until we could counter the competition by associating ILS with one of the most respected and admired journalists reporting on the technology; because without this giant any German venture would face an uphill battle. With him you immediately establish credibility and editorial integrity among readers and advertisers.

We are very proud to introduce Franz J. Gruber as the new Chefredakteur (Editor-in-Chief) of Industrial Laser Europe (ILE) who brings his authority and knowledge on the subject combined with a very special interviewing and writing style that is paramount to his success.

Franz is a journalism veteran and his career in the laser field dates back to the early 1990s when he founded EuroLaser, the first magazine to focus on industrial laser technology in Germany. After selling this to a large publisher he continued as Chief Editor, further establishing his reputation as a keen observer of the vibrant industrial laser technology in Europe.

It has been my pleasure to know Franz as a journalist, editor, and friend for all of those years. To be able to work together now fulfills a long-cherished dream.

ILE, published for a German-speaking readership, will feature Franz’ highly respected in-person interviews that bring readers a unique perspective on users of industrial laser technology. ILE, although part of the ILS family, will have its own personality, which in my opinion will quickly position it as a leader in Europe. Formally introduced at lasys in March, the first issue appears in May. A Website, www.industriallasereurope.de, activates in early April.

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David A. Belforte

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