Argen uses 3D printing to produce precious-metal dental restorations

Dental alloys company Argen Corporation (San Diego, CA) uses Concept Laser (Grapevine, TX)'s machines for 3D printing high-noble, noble, and non-precious alloys. With 3D metal printing, also known as metal additive manufacturing, Argen manufactures their portfolio of digitally fabricated dental restorations (from single-unit to long-span bridges) using LaserCUSING, which builds these products layer by layer directly from 3D CAD data.

The metal powder is melted entirely to provide a fully dense, homogenous structure, resulting in high detail resolution and exceptional surface finish. Argen currently has nine Concept Laser Mlab cusing machines.

The Mlab cusing machines are the most compatible for Argen's business given that its smaller build volume is ideal for precious metals, as it allows Argen to work with smaller batches.

"Our digital outsourcing business has continued to double each year," says Anton Woolf, CEO of Argen. "The Concept Laser Mlab cusing machines have given us the flexibility to grow at a rapid pace, while continuing to innovate with new materials. The smaller build plate allows us to utilize high-cost precious metals in a lean workflow."  

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