LaserMicronics expands production with cleanroom for laser plastic welding

Laser micromachining specialist LaserMicronics (Garbsen, Germany) has added a cleanroom to be able to produce more sophisticated plastic products. In June 2015, the company's laser plastic welding branch (Fuerth, Germany) moved into new, modern administration and production facilities.

The company now offers conventional welding with high hygiene requirements, but also relies on innovative technologies. Its ClearJoining welding technology combines similar transparent joining partners without additives—for this, the company uses a special laser welding system with a new clamping technology and a laser with a specific wavelength.

The company's new cleanroom meets the requirements of ISO class 5, according to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards. This ISO class allows a maximum of 100 particles measuring a maximum 0.5µm in diameter per cubic foot in the air (3.5 particles/liter). The two production cells are equipped with separate goods receipt/exit gates.

The LaserMicronics cleanroom has two cells and meets ISO Class 5 requirements.

In a cleanroom, a slight overpressure continuously prevails. All exhaust air from the installed laser systems is filtered and blown outside the clean area. A lock with protective clothing ensures that no contamination occurs from the outside. In addition, the workplaces are equipped with laminar flow units to further reduce the number of airborne particles in the environment of sensitive microfluidics.

Depending on cycle time and size, 2–4 million parts/year can be manufactured in the new cleanroom.

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