ICALEO 2015 to add biomedical laser applications as part of its focus

Orlando, FL - A new focus on biomedical laser applications and continued opportunities for presenters to have their papers peer-reviewed will be among the highlights of the Laser Institute of America’s 34th International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO) 2015, to be held October 18-22 in Atlanta, GA.

Biomedical applications will kick off the scientific proceedings in the opening plenary, as well as be featured in the Microprocessing Conference. One of the closing plenaries will will touch on a laser available at a wavelength that has not had use as an industrial laser, while another will talk about a new type of diode laser that may revolutionize the industry. Attendees will also hear about lasers that aren’t built to cut, weld, or microstructure, but that are built for other applications, according to Silke Pflueger of DirectPhotonics, who is ICALEO 2015's Congress General Chair.

For the full conference schedule and to register, please visit www.lia.org/conferences/icaleo/attend.

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