Inert gas dryer/purification system

Monrovia, CA - Amada Miyachi America has introduced its BMI-500 gas dryer/purification system, which can remove moisture and oxygen to maintain levels of less than 1 ppm in laser glovebox applications. The standalone unit features industry-standard KF40 flange connectors for integration with most gloveboxes.

The a 30 cubic-feet-per-minute modular closed-loop gas dryer/purification system re-circulates inert process gas like nitrogen, argon, and helium from a glovebox's controlled dry environment. This technology achieves low oxygen and moisture levels quickly, while also decreasing process gas consumption. In one day of operation, the system can lower oxygen levels to an average of 3 ppm, falling below 1 ppm with prolonged use.

The system is available in three models: single- or dual-column manual, or dual-column automatic. The BMI-500 Plus dual-column automated model is equipped with an LCD touchscreen that displays unit status with five built-in shortcut keys, allowing automatic filter column regeneration or gas recirculation mode.

A clean, dry air (CDA) gas purification system is also available upon request.

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