Prima Power Laserdyne plans technology center in Suzhou, China

Champlin, MN - Prima Power Laserdyne, which manufactures multi-axis laser cutting, welding, and drilling systems, plans to install a Laserdyne 430BD system at the new Prima Power Technology Center (Suzhou, China). This center will provide laser process development for Asian customers seeking solutions to a wide range of fabricating challenges. The six-axis laser system will be equipped with a 15kW quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) fiber laser for the demonstrating of precision cutting, welding, and drilling in a wide range of materials.

"Installation of a Laserdyne system in the new Technology Center is in response to recent orders received from Chinese customers for the 430BD system and increasing interest in this system," explains Mark Barry, VP of sales and marketing. "This new laser system is an example of technology in a combination of cost and capability that has not been available to the Chinese market or anywhere else, for that matter. Long served with earlier Laserdyne multi-axis systems, Chinese and Asian manufacturers have found it advantageous to invest in the newest and best manufacturing technology available. The Laserdyne product line was one of the first to be offered with high-power fiber laser technology."

The 430BD has utility in precision cutting, welding, and drilling of 2D and 3D components. The system operates at speeds up to 20 m/min (800 inch/min) in the X, Y, and Z axes with bi-directional accuracy of 12.7µm. This accuracy is throughout the system's 585 × 408 × 508mm work envelope, making it ideal for laser processing a broad range of components in many materials. An optional, fully integrated and interpolated six-axis rotary table extends the size of components that can be processed in the system.

A full staff of Chinese speaking engineers, salespeople, and management reside at the center and will coordinate the company's participation in it, according to Barry.

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