Industrial 3D printing systems drive Optomec's 2014 sales growth

Albuquerque, NM - Additive manufacturing systems maker Optomec has reported strong sales gains for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014, including an 80-percent increase in new orders compared to 2013. Business was spread almost equally across its LENS and Aerosol Jet product lines. Furthermore, the company was profitable for the second half of the year, and entered 2015 with more than six months in high-growth backlog.

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The company added more than 30 new customers in 2014, including orders for more than 40 industrial 3D printers in total. It entered 2015 with many existing customers planning on substantial production rollouts, particularly in 3D-printed antennae for mobile devices and 3D-printed sensors for Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial Internet applications.

Further fueling the rapid adoption of the company’s solutions is its open systems strategy, allowing additive and conventional manufacturing methods to coexist on the factory floor. For example, the new modular LENS Print Engine (LPE) enables 3D printing of metals to be integrated within a standard CNC machine tool platform providing a lower-cost solution for its customers. The company has sold five of the LPE-based systems since its introduction in 2014, and will be showcasing these hybrid additive/subtractive systems at multiple customer sites over the coming months.

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