Cardiff University invests in Renishaw additive manufacturing machine

Cardiff, Wales - Cardiff University's School of Engineering has invested in a Renishaw AM250 machine, adding laser melting to the university's existing additive manufacturing research and development (R&D) technologies in metal sintering, resins, and polymers.

Renishaw's additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) technology is a digitally driven process that uses a high-power ytterbium fiber laser to fuse fine metallic powders in to 3D objects, direct from 3D CAD data. The metallic powder is distributed evenly across the build plate in layer thicknesses ranging from 20 to 100µm forming the 2D cross-section. The layer of powder is then fused using the laser in a tightly controlled atmosphere. The process is repeated, building up parts of complex geometries, layer by layer.

Renishaw's AM250 machine for additive manufacturing
Renishaw's AM250 machine for additive manufacturing.

The AM250 machine, which is manufactured at the company's Miskin, South Wales facility, allows the construction of fully dense, highly complex metal parts and structures that are not possible to build using traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques. Applications for the machine range from producing quality prototypes and one-off high-value parts, to creating biocompatible orthopedic implants.

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