Eaton adds laser-etched label capability to curb counterfeiting

Pittsburgh, PA - Power management company Eaton will feature new laser-etched labels on its molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) to help in product authentication. Laser etching is one of many new technologies employed by the company and other manufacturers to help combat the counterfeiting of electrical products.

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The company's new laser marking method provides more permanent markings, helping to authenticate each circuit breaker throughout its life cycle. These high-quality permanent markings require more sophisticated technology to manufacture and are designed to prevent removal and replacement from the product, helping consumers recognize products that have experienced reconditioning.

"Providing these more permanent markings on circuit breaker labels is part of Eaton's ongoing effort to help prevent unsafe copies from being manufactured and making it into the marketplace," says Tom Grace, brand protection manager for Eaton's Electrical Sector - Americas.

Common counterfeit electrical products such as circuit breakers can lead to costly repairs, property damage, and even serious injury or death because they have not been properly manufactured or tested.

Information laser-etched directly onto the circuit breaker includes ratings, specifications, and product information. With information included on the label, customers can authenticate the breaker using the company's Circuit Breaker Authentication (CBA) tool, which is designed to assist customers in detecting if the MCCBs, up to 400A, are counterfeit. By entering the bar code, part number, and date code found on the circuit breaker, the CBA tool is intended to immediately assist in verifying authentication. The tool is accessible via any web or mobile browser at

The laser-etched labels are currently in production for 2-Pole, F-Frame, and Series C breakers and will be rolled out to all F-Frame MCCBs, with plans to expand to additional industrial circuit breakers.

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