LIA presents the latest in laser cutting advancements at LME

Orlando, FL - Advances in laser metal cutting, a staple of modern manufacturing, will be the subject of a keynote address by Mitchell Van Zuiden of Bystronic at the Laser Institute of America's annual Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME) on Sept. 23, 2014, in Schaumburg, IL.

Van Zuiden's presentation, to be given at the highly popular Laser Technology Showcase theater right on the exhibition floor, will tie in directly to the equipment that LME attendees will be able to peruse while also attending a range of basic and advanced courses and tutorials on how to build and safely use laser-based systems.

It will be the first time that Bystronic has participated in LME, with Van Zuiden detailing the "latest advances in fiber and CO2 technologies and which technology is best utilized depending on material requirements."

In addressing the running debate on the market share of CO2 vs. fiber lasers, Van Zuiden says that "by 2015 we believe that the market for fiber lasers will approach 50 percent for sheet metal cutting lasers. CO2 still maintains a competitive edge in cut speed in materials over 5/16 of an inch thick and also with the surface finish in cutting thick stainless steel with nitrogen."

Van Zuiden, cutting products specialist for Bystronic, which has its North American headquarters in Elgin, IL, not far from the LME venue, "provides today's North American manufacturer with application-oriented, precision CO2 and fiber laser cutting machinery, waterjet cutting machines, press brakes, and system software that streamlines the manufacturing process chain from file to finished cut part, minimizing waste to increase profitability."

Van Zuiden's keynote address will be one of four at LME 2014, along with basic courses on types of lasers, laser manufacturing systems and how to use them for maximum return on investment, and laser safety. The conference will also feature tutorials on design for welding and an overview of laser additive manufacturing systems.

For more information on LME 2014 and to register, please visit

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