Laser Cutting Co adds capacity with a laser tube cutter

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England - The Laser Cutting Co. has invested almost £1 million in the latest Lasertube LT8 processing system from BLM. The investment will provide customers with greater production security and also cost-effective manufacture of complex tube components.

The Laser Cutting Co. provides a customer-focused, subcontract laser cutting service that delivers tubular, open sections and flat metal parts on a daily basis to customers throughout the UK. A rolling program of investment ensures that its production capabilities are able to meet the demands of its customers, who expect rapid response 24 hours per day. The new machine has been brought in to replace a dated and less efficient laser, and will complement the three existing tube lasers and two flatbed lasers already onsite, including a Mazak Fabrigear 300.

Established in 1981,The Laser Cutting Co. has developed a reputation as a one-stop-shop for laser cutting. Whether tube or flat-sheet, the company also provides customers with secondary operations such as bending and sub-assembly. This enables the company to provide complete or sub-assembled parts to its customers, as well as laser-cut sheet and tube.

Managing director Jon Day sees significant growth for the business. "We are convinced that there are major cost savings that customers can make by switching their production to make use of our BLM Lasertube machines. By design changes to the cutting process, many jobs can be self-jigging, which reduces the secondary fabrication times. This also has the knock-on effect of reducing the reliance on highly skilled welders and fabricators, as the accuracy of the laser-cut parts to tolerances of 0.005 in allows complex joints to be welded easily and consistently."

This is the main advantage that the company communicates to potential customers. Traditional cutting methods such as slotting, punching, and miter cutting can be combined to a single-tube laser cutting process. This can instantly reduce manufacturing costs and lead time for customers.

Combined with the latest technology and years of experience in laser tube cutting and processing, the company has developed a strong trust with its customer base. Most customers have remained with the company for many years because of the security and repeatability they can provide. This new investment hopes to continue to develop trust, as the company now has the capacity to easily ramp up production for customers as the need arises.

In addition to the impressive portfolio of cutting and secondary services that the company offers, sister company Charles Day (Steels) Ltd also boasts an offering of six flat-sheet laser machines, including a fiber laser. It also offers profiling in waterjet, flame, and HD plasma technologies. This association has enabled various sharing of resources that has helped both companies provide to customers more effectively.

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