Laser scoring and marking combined

Cincinatti, OH, and Saukville, WI – A CO2 laser-based system with an operating life of >45,000 hr performs scoring and marking operations for low- to medium-volume production of quality stickpack seals. The laser scores the outermost layer of film without damaging the inner layer, facilitating consistently straight and precise tear. Output ranges from 150 stickpacks/min for 3-lane operation to 350/min with 7 lanes. Respectively, widths range from 1.8 to 0.67 in. Lengths vary from 1.18 to 8 in.

Laser scoring ensures a picture-perfect opening for the stickpack. Using a combined system of laser scoring and marking lowers operating costs through savings in consumables, as compared to continuous inkjet printing, and improves the overall appearance and consumer friendliness of the stickpack.

A patented CO2 laser-based system from Matrix, an industry-leading manufacturer of vertical form-fill-seal packaging equipment, performs both scoring and marking operations, with the score line perfectly straight across the stickpack. Laser-scored stickpacks consistently produce a precise tear in contrast to mechanical notching that often results in a crooked tear line, not to mention a sometimes difficult-to-open package. The laser breaks and scores the outermost layer of film without damaging the inner layer. The score line facilitates the straight-line tear.

Laser scoring and marking using a laser from Pro Mach, a leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies, can be used on paper, plastic, and coated treatments. Laser marking is a sought-after marking technology due to its low lifecycle cost compared to continuous inkjet, well-defined and precisely placed images, and flexibility in terms of style of text, graphics, photos, and barcodes. It is also a clean process without the need for solvents.

The combined laser-based system delivers high value to customers in terms of expanded capabilities, producing an easier-to-open package with a professional straight-line tear that also improves the consumer’s experience with the package.

The compact, modular, and robust Inever BY300 multilane stickpack machine is ideal for low-to-medium production of quality stickpack seals with minimal investment required.

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