Gigaphoton achieves 92W EUV light source output at 4.2 percent CE

Oyama, Japan - Light source maker Gigaphoton has achieved 92W extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source output at 4.2 percent conversion efficiency (CE) on its prototype laser-produced plasma (LPP) light sources for EUV lithography scanners.

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The 92W output was achieved by irradiating a tin (Sn) droplet with a solid-state pre-pulse laser and a CO2 laser after combining and optimizing them. The technology allows emission of EUV by radiating ultra-small Sn droplets meausring less than 20µm in diameter with the solid-state pre-pulse laser and main pulse CO2 laser. In addition, a combination of a high-output superconducting magnet and Sn etching allows suppression of Sn debris caused by radiation. To maximize the life of the collector mirror, a high-output superconducting magnet generates a powerful magnetic field to guide unwanted debris caused by thermal expansion of the tin droplets towards the Sn catcher.

The company is targeting 150W output by the end of 2014 and, ultimately, up to 250W output for high-volume manufacturing.

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