LAM 2015: A workshop for the next era of laser additive manufacturing

Orlando, FL - For the first time, the Laser Institute of America will hold the highly popular Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) Workshop in its home base of Orlando on Mar. 4-5, 2015. Additive manufacturing (AM) expert Ingomar Kelbassa will serve as general chair of the seventh annual event.

The workshop will draw dozens of experts from around the world to discuss not only traditional laser-based techniques like cladding, but the revolutionary industrial applications of AM in medicine, dentistry, aviation, automotive industries, and consumer products.

Kelbassa, a professor at RWTH Aachen University and frequent speaker at LIA events, was also part of the team at Germany's Fraunhofer ILT that won an Aviation Week innovation award in 2012 for the institute's additively manufactured 80-blade BLISK, or blade-integrated disk. Serving as co-chairs will be past LAM general chairs Paul Denney of Lincoln Electric and Jim Sears of the GE Global Research Center.

LAM brings together representatives from industries including power generation, aerospace, agriculture, and automotive, who will hear case studies from large and small firms that describe successes in depositing wire or powder with lasers to prevent and repair corrosion on vital components. In addition, powder-bed and -fed additive processes allow the production of innovatively designed lightweight parts by exploiting the root power of AM—what Kelbassa calls "complexity for free (and) individualization for free".

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