Laser marking and coding tech provider is moving its headquarters


Warszawa, Poland - Construction on the headquarters of Solaris Laser has been completed, and relocation will be completed by this spring.

The new building is located in the Warsaw Airport region and has been built on 3,300 sq. m. of green field space. This new construction, begun in December 2012, gives Solaris the opportunity to plan the workspace to be more effective and to meet the latest company technology requirements.

Solaris Laser S.A. needed to expand its workspace to support the increased demand in manufacturing and to expand its R&D center to develop newer technologies to maintain global product competitiveness. Solaris manufactures industrial fiber and CO2 laser coding, laser marking, and laser engraving systems.

Solaris plans to continue to provide the market with laser marking and coding technologies for stationary and “on the fly” applications for consumer goods and industrial applications. Solaris Laser S.A. exports 80% of its production worldwide and celebrates 24 years of business success as it moves into its new building.

Photo courtesy of Solaris Laser

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