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Coventry, UK - Sheet metalworking machine manufacturer Bystronic has extended the functionality of its fiber laser profilers to make them even more efficient. The BySprint Fiber range of machines will in future have two new options, one that monitors the cutting process in real time and corrects it, and another that allows automatic nozzle exchange. Both features, which have been available on the company's CO2 lasers for some time, allow extended periods of unattended running.

Cut Control monitors the cutting process
Starting in spring 2014, the Cut Control function will be available for BySprint Fiber machines with 3 and 4 kilowatt laser sources. Integrated process monitoring stops the machine automatically if an interruption in the cut is detected and returns the head to repeat that section of the cut. Component rejection and scrap rates are consequently reduced.

Another application of Cut Control is to determine precisely the position of the edge of the sheet on the table, resulting in optimal material utilization, particularly when long, straight cuts run close to the sides of the sheet.

Nozzle magazine speeds changeover of materials
Automatic nozzle change is another new feature for the BySprint Fiber. The operator no longer has to think about which cutting nozzle is correct for a different sheet of material, as the machine automatically selects the optimum nozzle from one of 40 stations in a magazine. It improves process reliability and as nozzle change takes only 15 seconds, faster than manual exchange, productivity is increased.

With a nozzle magazine fitted, a fiber laser machine can be pre-equipped for unattended cutting of orders involving sheet metals of varying types and thicknesses. Automatic nozzle change is available for all combinations of the BySprint Fiber, including in the 3m x 1.5 m and 4m x 2m formats and with 2, 3 or 4 kilowatts of laser power.


Photo: Cut Control improves monitoring of the laser cutting process on a BySprint Fiber machine and enables precise edge detection.

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