ARC Group purchases direct metal laser sintering systems


Longmont, CO - The3D Material Technologies LLC (3DMT) division of ARC Group Worldwide Inc. has purchased two Electro Optical Systems (EOS) M 280 direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)  industrial 3D printers for its Colorado production facility.

The 3D printers have a build size of 250 x 250 x 325 mm and will increase 3DMT’s capacity to manufacture complex parts out of: stainless steel, maraging steel, MS1 material, tool steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, and aluminum.

EOS laser-sintering is a leading technology for aerospace and medical components, which make the 3D printers a strategic fit for our existing business. 3DMT provides engineering, prototyping, and short run production services in order to accelerate our customer’s ability to access their respective markets as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Ashley Nichols, GM of 3DMT.

Both EOS systems have been delivered, and 3DMT is already successfully producing metal parts. Notably, both EOS machines feature a 400 W laser upgrade that improves surface finishes for aluminum components, allows higher build speeds in numerous alloys including a 190 percent increase in the build rate for MS1 maraging steel, increases the spectrum of available uses including larger components such as molding tools requiring conformal cooling, and improves overall operational performance and reduced lead time.

“We are excited to add 3DMT to our list of innovative customers acting as a service provider as we join to push design-driven manufacturing into the market,” says Andy Snow, director, EOS of North America, Inc.

The addition of the two EOSINT M 280 DMLS systems expands 3DMT’s already sizable 3D printing capabilities  to 16 industrial 3D metal and plastic printers, either in operation or order, and further expands ARC’s ability to offer rapid prototyping and short run production to its global customer base.

Photo: EOSINT M 280 direct metal laser sintering printer. Courtesy of EOS.

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