LME presents impact and apps of high-powers diode lasers

Orlando, FL - The impact of and applications for ultra-high brightness direct diodes is the subject of a keynote address presented at the Laser Institute of America's Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME) on Sept. 11-12 at the Schaumburg Convention Center in IL. 

Longtime laser industry expert Silke Pflueger, also an Editorial Advisor to Industrial Laser Solutions, will address this rapidly developing industrial laser technology. Pflueger is currently the general manager of Direct Photonics and an LIA board member.

"Laser cutting and welding have long become standard manufacturingtechnologies, helped by very reliable laser technologies that came into the market in the past 15 years," she explains. "As the development of laser has continued, a trickle has become a trend: Established players as well as a few start-ups are pushing into the laser material processing market with ultra-high brightness diode lasers, aggressively pursuing the space previously occupied by fiber, disk and even CO2 lasers. This is made possible by several new architectures that are accessing the inherent brightness of the diode laser material, leapfrogging current diode laser technology. Typically fiber delivered, they are starting to be used for cutting, welding, and remote welding due to their high power levels and brightness."

Pflueger is confident these devices will rapidly become industry workhorses. "With a good enough brightness to tackle most common metal manufacturing jobs, it will ultimately be their efficiency that will turn them into the leading lasers in the market."

LME is aimed at manufacturers who understand that they need to use lasers to upgrade their processes to ensure that they remain competitive in today's economy. The exhibit space is a unique collection of laser providers, system integrators and industry experts sharing real-world experiences and up-to-the-minute information with the goal of employing lasers profitably in big-ticket industries like aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and health care.

Pflueger's address will be one of four 30-minute keynotes in the highly popular and convenient Laser Technology Showcase Theater in the exhibit area of LME 2013. Other industry luminaries will update attendees on the power of ultrafast lasers, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, and the market for industrial lasers. The education track will also feature basic courses addressing the main types of lasers used for manufacturing, design, and economic considerations when putting together a system for your applications, and laser safety.

This exhibit and its complementary educational events is an outstanding opportunity for attendees to gain a broad and diverse background in industrial laser material processing all at one venue: truly a laser show for laser activists.

To learn more about LME or register to attend, visit http://www.laserevent.org.

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