10 and 14 mm galvanometer scan heads


Puchheim, Germany - Scanlab AG has introduced the intelliSCANse series of scan heads, with 10 mm (intelliSCANse 10) and and 14 mm (intelliSCANse 14) apertures. Featuring the new dynAXISse galvanometer scanners with digital encoders, these new intelliSCANse scan heads offer:

• Superb accuracy for microstructuring, e.g., display manufacturing and semiconductor processing

• dynAXISse galvanometer scanners with dynamic performance for maximized throughput and productivity

• Low drift for high processing accuracy under varying environmental/processing conditions

• Full flexibility of the intelliSCAN scan head series with switchable tunings and an assortment of cooling and mechanical options 

• Proven dependability of the entire intelliSCAN series 

Interferometric position sensing by Scanlab's newly developed dynAXISse galvanometer scanners ensures excellent resolution along with lowest dither and drift. Scanlab's patented, ultra-low-inertia design makes intelliSCANse 10 a fast, accurate 10-mm-aperture scan head. 

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