Laser micromachining system


Swisstec Micromachining AG has introduced the Multi Flexi Tube (MFT) system, which offers ultrafast, high accuracy laser micromachining. The smallest solution on the market, MFT has capabilities like a laser two or four times its size. Maximum cutting speed of up to 3000 mm/min = 50 mm/sec with a very small tolerance of 0.1 micron.

Small kerf widths from 50 microns down to 8 microns (fiber lasers) and from 25 microns down to 5 microns (USP lasers) can be machined. All systems are fitted with high performance fiber or femtosecond lasers at IR to UV wavelengths to ensure that the laser matches the process required. Very high accuracy multi trepanning heads can be fitted to the system if required. Feasibility studies and free sample parts are available. The company can easily customize its standard platform system to meet special application requirements or develop a completely customized system.

The systems come with a 2000-hour warranty; an extended 25,000-hour warranty option is available on all systems. Delivery time ranges from six to 16 work weeks (machine dependent) from the day an order is placed. Installation time takes a full or half working day (machine dependent). All laser micromachining systems can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to be configured for user requirements. Options available include FDA-compatible interface software for process controlling / reporting, automatic tube loading magazine, robot handling, and real-time kerf width measurement or geometry measurement.

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