Registration open for LIA's laser additive manufacturing workshop

Houston, TX - The Laser Institute of America's (LIA) 5th annual Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM, Feb. 12-13 in Houston, TX) is now officially open for registration. The event showcases how laser additive processes can be applied effectively and affordably to today's manufacturing challenges, with the aim to affect widespread industrial implementations of laser additive manufacturing technology.

LAM 2012 keynote speaker is Terry Wohlers -- who just gave a talk on laser additive manufacturing at EuroMold 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. Here he is on video talking about the technology at last year's LAM workshop.

ILS will be at LAM 2013 as well, bringing our readers -- and ourselves -- up to speed on the latest technology advancements and applications for laser additive manufacturing. Register here to get an early-bird pricing deal.