Fiber laser source maker Mobius Photonics appoints COO, CTO

Mountain View, CA -- Mobius Photonics, a producer of short pulsed fiber laser sources for a range of material processing applications in manufacturing (e.g., solar cells, semiconductors, and flat-panel displays), has appointed two of its cofounders to lead the company's operations and technology strategy.

Red Byer, the new COO, was previously VP of operations, which included building out the company's headquarters, implementing an ERP system, and building the company's IT foundation. He previously held senior design engineer positions at Novawave Technologies and at Lightwave Electronics.

Manuel Leonardo, the new CTO (formerly VP of technology), has an expert background in developing and building high-peak-power laser systems with highly efficient nonlinear conversion. He has over 10 years of experience in developing ultraviolet laser systems.

Both Byer and Leonardo are described as chief architects of Mobius Photonics' laser technologies, and have been co-authors on several technical articles on laser technologies. Byer holds seven patents relating to high-power lasers; Leonardo has been granted five patents.

"[Byer and Leonardo] have demonstrated exceptional technical and managerial skills and have risen to the occasion when confronted with challenges. Red and Manuel have continually proved their dedication to the success of our customers, to our employees, and to our company goal of achieving inspiring results. We look forward to their continued leadership," stated Kiyomi Monro, Mobius Photonics' CEO.

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