Ultrafast laser micromachining system


JP Sercel Associates (JPSA), Manchester, NH, is now shipping its picosecond laser platform for machining various materials (e.g., glass, ceramics, metals, alloys), after previously offering the ultrafast laser processing capabilities as an in-house job-shop service.

The newly available IX-6168-PS system is designed to accept multiple types of ultrafast lasers (50-500 picoseconds), including infrared (IR), green, or UV wavelengths, and a range of power and pulse rate options. The system features a dual-beam configuration: a fixed beam utilizing a precision air-bearing stage, for high precision machining and very fine features, or a high-accuracy galvonmeter configuration incorporating step-and-scan functionality for high-speed machining applications with complex features. (The system ships with both configurations and can be reconfigured on-site.)

The system can be supplied as a manual-load system, or combined with JPSA's Integrated Automated Platform for fully automated operation, e.g. for semiconductor wafer applications. Configuration options include laser wavelength, power and repetition rate, and a choice of galvanometer scanner and lens systems to optimize large deflection field applications.

"JPSA has been using ultrafast lasers in our Applications Development Lab and integrating them into custom-designed systems for several years," noted company CEO Jeffrey Sercel. "The IX-6168-PS incorporates features that can support multiple applications into one compact, efficient, standard configuration, offering higher flexibility and higher productivity in a cost-effective product."

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