LASYS 2012 preview: New products on display


Stuttgart, Germany -- A variety of new industrial laser products will be debuting at next week's LASYS 2012 event, addressing everything from fiber laser components to laser-welding plastics. Industrial Laser Solutions' David A. Belforte will be at LASYS 2012 (including evening gatherings), so be sure to stop and say hello -- and share your news, insights, and industry successes!

Laser Mechanisms will introduce a new right-angle, compact (RAc) laser processing head for 3-dimensional robotic cutting with a fiber-coupled laser, which it says is nearly 30% smaller and lighter than the original version, for tighter-access robotic cutting. The FiberCut RAc's compact low-moving mass head minimizes inertia transfer to the robot support arm. All connections to the head enter at a right angle, including the fiber, providing tight access to parts, easy cable routing, and stress reduction on the input fiber. The FiberCut RAc system consists of the cutting head, fiber collimator, linear drive with position measuring, and an internal, low-noise height sense system that is insensitive to cutting plasma or piercing debris. (Here's the spec sheet.)

LPKF Laser Welding will preview its new LQ-Smart two-piece system for laser-welding plastics, designed for manual welding in a workplace. The processing unit has a small workbench footprint, with a 19-in. control housing (55 x 60 x 60 cm), small enough to be hidden away beneath a workbench. Redesigned maintenance pull-outs simplify servicing. The laser-tight system consists of a lower and upper drawer specified for manual welding. the system is configured for a toolless clamping device changer, and increases the precision of the welding process. As a stand-alone-system it complies with Laser Class 1.

CorActive High-Tech will be showing its new CLM-400 continuous-wave fiber laser modules, a low-cost and rugged fiber laser architecture that can deliver 100-400 W of CW power. Key innovations include proprietary heat management and a mode filtering technique. (Here's the spec sheet.)

3D-Micromac AG is launching a laser marking technology, which can mark metal or silicon surfaces

Laserline GmbH will present a new compact, 10 kW fiber-coupled diode laser system, for applications including welding aluminum in automotive manufacturing.

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