AWL laser welding successful at LASYS

Harderwijk, The Netherlands -- AWL-Techniek showed its expertise and knowledge in the field of laser welding at LASYS last week in Stuttgart. As a leading manufacturer of laser welding machines the company drew a lot of attention during the exhibition.

"2011 exceeded all our expectations as far as laser welding is concerned," according to Piet Mosterd, AWL general manager. "Our customers really have adopted this technology and we are able to design and build the right machines for them. Although we are only halfway through 2012, we believe this will be our most successful year with laser so far."

At LASYS 2012, the focus was on AWL's laser beam switch management system, in which two robots with fixed optics share one laser source. If one robot is welding, the other robot moves to the next welding position; when one has finished welding, the laser is switched and the other robot can immediately start welding. This saves valuable time and money, and optimizes the use of the laser. A demo was set up at AWL's stand at LASYS for visitors to gain a better understanding of the system.

AWL is well established in industry, especially in the automotive sector. A large installed base in laser welding systems and a continuous growth of new orders has strengthened AWL’s position as leader in laser welding. The company also continues to develop in other fields, such as adhesive bonding and the use of lightweight materials, to ensure that its customers can stay ahead in automated welding.

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