Laser marking tech for ID safety

Simrit, Elgin, IL, has developed a "safe" (Secure Adaptive Freudenberg Encryption) laser marking technology, recently granted a European patent (EP 2 096 580 B1), that marks elastomer components, such as seals, diaphragms, and elastomer composite parts, with a microscopic anti-fraud designation. The identification includes key product information, including an item description, model number, dimensions, material, date of manufacture and serial numbers, for reliable traceability and counterfeiting protection.

The system consists of a laser marker with coding software and a reader. Two different safe product markings are available: a flat, rectangular code, and a rounded product marking better suited for o-rings. The markings are product-specific and unique, readable only by the safe machines. The code is impervious to wear, and legible even if up to 70 percent of the marking has been destroyed.

Currently, Simrit's "safe" process can mark elastomers, thermoplastics, and metals, with the exception of light-colored or transparent materials such as silicone rubber; a solution for those materials is currently in development. The system is currently in use in a small number of highly sensitive application areas.

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