New laser cutting table, engraving plates from LaserBits


LaserBits Inc., Phoenix, AZ, is touting a pair of new products for laser marking and engraving and laser cutting, including a laser cutting table, and a more durable aluminum metal die sheet.

The Vector Cutting Table (VTC) helps eliminate reflection burns sometimes caused by honeycomb tables, and improve laser cutting quality. It sits directly on the smooth metal engraving bed, creating over 2.5 in. of air space under the material which creates laminar air flow toward the exhaust, reducing smoke residue from the laser cutting process and improving cut quality. Adjustable rails with "teeth" support the material, shaped to minimize reflection; each rail can be moved into a notch into the VCT's base to enhance system rigidity and eliminating "wobble." The VCT is compatible with all laser systems and works with autofocus and digital Z axis systems. Recommended materials thickness is 0.20-1.0 in.

The DuraBlack plates are black die-cut metal plates (0.05-in. thick) that engrave a bright silver white color with a laser. The company says the material is "many times more durable" than anodized aluminum, and can survive "the harshest temperature, UV, and corrosion." The matte black finish creates highly readable laser engravings easy to produce using CO2and fiber laser systems. 3M 350 adhesive is already applied.

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