Contract laser ablation of high-performance electronic components

Saint Paul, MN - Contract laser ablation services for removing metal foils and conductive coatings is now available from the Precision Converting Services group, a division of LasX Industries Inc., utilizing their LaserSharp digital converting technology. Precision Converting Services offers job shop services specializing in contract laser converting and confidential process development.

The LaserSharp laser ablation systems, equipped with superior vision registration capabilities, is able to produce accurate, high-performance components with tolerances down to ±.002 in. depending on material and design. Laser ablation can be completed on either side of roll and sheet fed materials, and is suitable for stacked, layered, and laminated structures. Laser ablation can also be combined with other laser processes such as cutting, kiss-cutting, via hole drilling, and perforating for a complete manufacturing solution.

Laser ablation is a more accurate, innovative solution for the removal of conductive and metallized layers from flexible substrates when compared to conventional methods such as chemical etching and printed metallization. LaserSharp technology uses a non-contact process in which conductive inks and metal foils are removed without causing damage to the carrier substrate. Laser ablation is a completely dry processing method, thereby eliminating masks and hazardous byproducts. Additionally, the use of digital technology reduces time-to-market. Applications include conductive circuit creation, RFID antennas, flexible circuits, EMI shielding, flexible heating elements, and conductive touch screen components.

Contact Dean Laird, precision converting manager, at 651-762-3340 for more information or to receive a complimentary ablation sample.

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