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Software solution for nesting aids fiber laser cutting

Cincinnati, Ohio – SigmaTEK Systems LLC, a CAD/CAM nesting authority and solutions provider, announces that its SigmaNEST software is being successfully employed on the Salvagnini fiber laser cutting system.

More and more high-end fiber laser cutting systems are finding their way on to the shop floor at some leading manufacturing facilities. But advanced fabrication tools are only half the story. In order to reap the full benefits of any cutting tool, and especially high-end laser systems, the process must be driven with best-in-class nesting software.

For example, Vermeer Corporation (Pella, Iowa) manufactures a wide assortment of industrial and agricultural products. Having recently purchased a Salvagnini fiber laser cutter, the company is discovering the powerful benefits of driving nesting with SigmaNEST®.

"Our Salvagnini fiber laser system, together with SigmaNEST, allows us to solidify our reputation for delivering quality and innovative products to meet the needs of current and future customers," explained Kevin Stauner manufacturing engineer at Vermeer. "Advanced part nesting features with SigmaNEST help accelerate productivity while reducing scrap. Together SigmaNEST and Salvagnini are providing Vermeer Corporation with new levels of manufacturing flexibility and efficiency."

"With pinpoint accuracy and shape-cutting flexibility today’s fiber laser systems represent a quantum leap in fabrication technology. These tools have been aptly described as being a sharper knife – especially with regard to lighter gage material," said SigmaTEK president and CEO Ben TerreBlanch. "However, putting these machines into production requires a serious capital investment. It is therefore imperative that manufacturers begin recouping costs as quickly as possible."

SigmaTEK Systems LLC develops and sells SigmaNEST, a comprehensive software solution for nesting, NC programming and cutting of wood, steel sheet, plate and tube materials. SigmaNEST is the leading CAD/CAM nesting system for plasma, laser, punch, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, knife, tube/pipe and combination cutting machines.

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