Reis Robotics presents advantages of automated laser welding


Obernburg, Germany – One hundred and fifty invited customers and prospective buyers attended the mid-October Laser Day at Reis Robotics to observe the possibilities of automated welding and cutting with lasers. Five Reis partners reported on extraordinary solutions. Some unrivaled advantages and the enormously reduced costs argue for the "strong" light.

The Reis informational day on laser welding was a top-class informative event for competent experts to describe general advantages and developments in laser technology. Herbert Braunwarth from IPG Photonics explained in his report how – especially in the automotive industry with its high cycle rates – classical resistance spot welding can be replaced. Reference was made to robot-guided laser spot welding tongs, replacing spots by very short zigzag welds of highest stability and even saving material and weight.

Norbert Hoppe from Reis Robotics showed the advantages of laser welding by describing a system installed in China where Reis was the general contractor. In a welding gantry suitable for 3D from Reis, medium voltage switch housings of different sizes are welded gas-tight – meaning most exact – to make them maintenance free.

During laser welding, particular importance is applied to the exact guiding of the laser beam because it operates more precisely than a classical weld torch. Peter Gordes from Precitec explained how the quality of the weld joint can be guaranteed even in case of material tolerances. Precitec offers online monitoring of all decisive factors with sensors in the running welding process of the robot and correcting them to defined nominal values.

With laser powder build-up welding, wear on expensive tools can be compensated fast and in efficiently without having to replace tools. Cost efficiency and speed are decisive factors for this technology presented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT).

A laser welding gantry at Friedrich Sailer GmbH from Neu-Ulm, has been producing hygienic stainless steel furniture for the food industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and cleanroom technology with an automated laser welding gantry from Reis Robotics. Despite low volume or single piece production, the investment pays off from the commercial point of view, explained Christoph Mutzel, general manager, to the audience.

The Dortmunder OberflachenCentrum (DOC) of the Fraunhofer Institute IWS reported on the advantages of laser hybrid welding, a method that combines laser technology with filler wire and inert gas especially for high-strength fine-grained steels for steel construction.

Participants in this Laser Day agreed that laser technology with its multiple applications and moderate costs is a decisive factor for success using the automated joining technique.

Reis Robotics is an innovative company in robot technology and system integration. It is a leader for automation systems in the photovoltaic industry and for two decades has been one of the most important integrators for automation systems in all major industry sectors. In addition to articulated arm robots, the company's product range also includes linear robots, gantries, horizontal articulated arm robots, and other special robots.

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