Laser Research Optics develops field replacement CO2 optics for cutting synthetics


Laser Research Optics, Providence, R.I., has developed a line of field replacement CO2 optics for popular low power lasers used for laser cutting fabrics, filter mats, canvas, and other synthetics.

These CO2 optics meet OEM and ISO-10110 specifications and are field replacements that fit most popular lasers used for cutting clothing, textiles, and other synthetics. Offered in 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inch dia. sizes, with 1 inch to 25 inch focal lengths in 1/2 inch increments, they are available from stock and shipped within 24 hours to minimize laser production downtime.

Optimized for use at 10.6 µm, Laser Research CO2 Optics are suitable for Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Prime, Strippit, and Trumpf lasers. Mirrors and reflectors made from silicon, molybdenum, and copper from 2mm to 10mm thick are available in 1/2 inch to 3 inch dia. sizes.

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