Laser marking cylinders just got easier

Oxnard, Calif. – Laser marking on round objects, such as pens or other cylindrical shaped objects, has always presented challenges to the laser marking community. Unless the part is rotated under the marking field, the size of the mark, whether it is text or logos, is limited by the depth of focus of the laser beam delivery system and the distortion that occurs when marking around the circumference of an object.

Depth of focus is not just a function of the lens or diameter of the laser beam. Material plays an important role. As the laser beam moves away from the top of a cylindrical object, the beam also moves away from the optimum focal point of the lens. Some materials are very sensitive to laser focus, and the size of a mark on a cylindrical object is limited by the change in laser power density and laser spot size as the beam moves away from the optimum focal point.

Other materials are quite forgiving of focal point changes and the limiting factor becomes the distortion that occurs in the shape of marked characters or logos. A circle, for example, marked on the barrel of a pen will not result in a circle. It will result in an oval shaped mark.

Jimani, using the latest Prolase 7 Plus laser marking software features, now has a “projection correction” feature. When used with materials that are not extremely sensitive to laser focal point, projection correction allows marking to be as much as 160 to 170 degrees around the circumference without rotating the part.

Logos, graphics and text marked without this projection correction are distorted at the top and bottom of the logo, making for an unacceptable product. When projection correction is engaged, the result is an accurate representation of the original marking objects without any of the distortion.

Contact Jimani for more information about how you can upgrade your current laser to implement these new capabilities into your own product line marking.


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