Material weldability application for smart phones

Monrovia, Calif. – Miyachi Unitek Corp., a manufacturer of welding equipment and laser processing systems, has introduced its powerful material weldability mobile application for smart phones.

The simple app helps determine material weldability using either laser welding technology or resistance (spot). It is now available for free for both the iPhone and Android platforms.

Users simply select the two materials to be joined and then view results, including overall weldability, electrode material choices, and related comments. Also included are a spot size calculator for laser welding, useful formulas, and information on how to design parts for weldability.

Miyachi Unitek applications experts are just a click away. If further assistance if needed, simply submit results to Miyachi Unitek, and our applications experts will contact you directly.

Miyachi Unitek is a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company provides products to a wide range of markets, including the medical device, battery, electric vehicle, and solar industries, as well as the global electronics, automotive, and general industrial markets.

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