Ophir develops new StarLab laser power energy software


Ophir Photonics Group, Logan, Utah, has developed the StarLab 2.20 laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station.

The newest version of the software includes support for the unique BeamTrack sensors; they combine multiple measurement functions in a single device: power, energy, beam position, and beam size. The sensors also provide information on centering and beam wander, all in a single, compact device. StarLab provides an easy-to-use, PC-based application that graphically displays, processes, and logs all these measurements.

With StarLab 2.20, laser sensors can be displayed separately or multiple data sets can be displayed in one graph. Graphic options include line plot, histogram, bar chart, and simulated analog needle. Data can be displayed graphically or saved in text format. The COM object allows developers to integrate laser beam measurements into sophisticated programming environments, such as Microsoft's® Visual Basic, LabVIEW®, and MatLab®. LabVIEW support, for example, integrates real-time control and advanced analysis and signal processing functions with Ophir's Juno. The Juno is a compact USB module that connects any of Ophir's 100+ smart laser sensors — thermal, pyroelectric, or photodiode — to a PC USB port.

With its support for BeamTrack, StarLab 2.20 can now measure beam position and beam size, in addition to power and energy. Windows 7, 64 bit compatibility makes working with large data sets easier, computations faster, and multitasking more efficient. StarLab 2.20 works with Ophir's smart displays and PC interfaces, allowing users to measure, analyze, and record laser power and energy parameters from a wide variety of smart power/energy sensors. Data can be collected from thermal, pyroelectric, and photodiode heads using any of the company’s laser power/energy meters, PC interfaces, or combinations of the two.



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